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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MOVED. http://slnerd.tumblr.com/

my blog, has moved to tumblr, http://slnerd.tumblr.com/. I'm REALLY sad to let this blog go, but its something that has to be done. The NEW url is http://slnerd.tumblr.com/ please refollow me on there, and if im missing a blogger buddy please IM me inworld and let me know.

See you in tumblr! <3 http://slnerd.tumblr.com/http://slnerd.tumblr.com/http://slnerd.tumblr.com/

Hair: Loq
Skin: Laq
Purple Bodysuit: Hyper Culture, currently having a 50% off Closing Sale! :'(
Skirt: Khush
Boots: Plastik, NEW
Facepaint: beemann @ new location
Tattoo : Le Mode Inc
Umbrella: Rotten Toe
Hat: Solidea Folies

SLURLS will come up when im not, half asleep! :) 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hair: Analog Dog, 0L, here.
Scarf: Zeery's, sneakk peak! NEW LOCATION here.
Jacket: Orion, subscribo gift, here.
BookBag: Modd.G, 0L, here.
Leggings: *ninia* 0L, here.
Boots: House of Fox, subscribo gift, here.
Pose: Props and Pose Fair Teaser!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hair: Truth, subscribo gift, here! There is also a male one! 
Skin: My Ugly Dorothy, luckyboard gifty. Thanks Ponyo!! <3
Outfit: Emery, group gift, here.
Flats: beemann, part of the ADNY hunt! :)
Food: Slow Kitchen, group gift, here.
Pose: from AO.

Friday, December 24, 2010

happy holidays darling mwa.

i didnt edit this picture, cause i dont have the time to like do the simple shit, CAUSE im cooking !!! :), but i hope you guys enjoy the freebiess hehehehhehe, i came online to pick them up and show you! :)
Hair: Exile, subscribo gifty.
Sweater + Leggings: Rebel, here.
Dress: Pididdle, 0L, here
Shoes: Slink
Skin: Laq, subscribo gift.
Pose: props and pose fair 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hair: Maitreya
Skin: Laq, subscribo gift! Comes w/ ALL tones.
Neck Collar + Leggings: Gifts under Wasabi Tree
Shirt: *BOOM* 0L at Existence location
Skirt: Humming, 1L
Shoes: *YS&YS*, also a gift.
Pose: Props and Pose Fair teaser..


bee and zee

more info on the rentals we have open! <3

ℬeeman &  { ɀeery } ℭolor ℭouture    

(✦) Basic Rental
Shop Space:-------➩ 11 X 10  
Prims:--------------➩ 50 (max 100)
Cost:---------------➩ $125L Per  week

(♛) Royal Rental
Shop Space:-------➩ 11 X 10  
Prims:--------------➩ 50 (max 100)
Cost:---------------➩ $155L per week

& Includes the Ability to ...

•Have your own Parcel Address (Ability to show store in search) 
•Put your own parcel shop description 
•Have your own image for your parcel
•Put your own music in your Parcel

contact Blur Mannequin or Zeerya Pyrithea
check it out, here.