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Thursday, September 30, 2010



Orange: RachelBreaker, group gift. Join The Rachel Breaker Royal Gaurd and check notices.
Sweater: Tres Blah, part of TSH
Tattoo: Aitui, 0L, here.
Jeans: Fishy Strawberry, available at TDR, here.
Shoes: **M+M**, group gift. Join **M+M**update group and click here.
Pose: Pr!tty, previously blogged.
Skin: Mother Goose, NEW hunt prize, here.
skin closup

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

im pissed.

flickr wont let me upload no more pictures thismonth, and i just got into a argument with 2 of my good friends, so im really FUMED RIGHT NOW. anyways hi, and here.
Hair: Clawtooth
Jacket: G*Field, subscribo gift, here.
Shirt: Atomic, group gift. Join Atomic Update Group, and click here.
Leggings: Duboo
Ring: LacieCakes, previously blogged. BELOW.
Shoes + Socks: ToKid, previously blogged.
Pose: Olive Juice


ring + nose closeup, info below/ ;p

Dress: *RibboN*, part of the kawaii hunt, i totally had to edit this, cause the dress skirt was like 302640975 times bigger than me, :D
Belt: Inguenue, part of TSH
Socks: Slink
Skin: Atomic, yay for new skin!
Ring: LacieCakes, NEW gacha item, here.! <3
Headband: DP* Yum Yum
Sniffled Nose: Cobrahive, 0L, here.


Sweaty Badger:
Fur Trapper Hat: Group gift at COCO Designs, here
Glasses: Maschienenwerk US Army Glasses 1968 (Girls) 0L, here
SKin: :::I C E C O C O::: Scarlett 19 freckles 0L (Lucky Board) 
(they have tons and change fast!), here
Dress: Beauty Avatar/Glam Affair 10L, here
Shoes: Outrage: Glitter Ballet Flats 10L here
Shoulder bear: ::Ragdolls Cut:: Poor Teddy 0L, here

Eleri Catlyn: 
*.:[K]:.* shorts coat (brown) 0L, here
*COCO* white leggins, LM above
Doppelganger Inc. Westwood Prep Sweatshirt, part of TSH
Wiilow- Seasons Hunt Romper, also part of TSH

Hat: Coco, group gift. NEW blogged above.
Jacket: *.:[Kloka]:.*, blogged above.
Dress: Plastik. group gift. Join The Plastik. and check notices. I THINK ITS STILL THERE.
Leggings: [Luce.] subscribo gift, here.
Shoes: Maitreya, subscribo gift. CHECK HISTORY, here.
Pose: dfo!

prop: Olive Juice, part of TSH
lolol im so small!!

skin closeup, info at Sweaty's info.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the Season Hunt, and Willow.

lolol, i have nothing to say, im being SUPER lazy. I've slept like ALL day, and i like totally crashed my drivers ed class car, it was SO funny. My teacher was SO pissed. :D

clothins items and some hairs are from the season hunt! EASY HUNT, GO DO IT. and the othe rperson in the background is Willow Roxan, she's like cool. :3 BUT IS LIKE MAKING FUN OF ME IRL! that retard. IHATE YOU RIGT NOW lmaoooo. JK <3

Monday, September 27, 2010

halloweeen is NEAR!

my favoritest holidayy EVAR. soo this post is about that! :D

Hair: *(OO)*YUKI, group gift. Join *(OO)*YUKI and click here.
Outfit w Broom + Flats: KiiTos, super secret gift. IN shop, here. <- i fyou need help finding it, IM me.
Socks: Duboo
Skin: &Bean, previously blogged.
Pose: dfo! 1k, subscribo gift.
Mouth Powder: Surf Co, part of the Tableau Bake Sale, 0L. :P

Skin: CandyDoll, subscribo gift, here.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

goes w/o saying

HAPPY WEEKEND! i hope everyone is having fun going down the weekly listsss! :P i have a full house this weekend. its one of my cousins birthday's! he's 10!! hahahahaha, when i asked him how old he was, he said 10 like if he was all old and stuff, lolol. i will be parting all weekend, and stuff. SO i dont know if i will be able to blog. SORRY for missing yesterday hahahha. ANYWAYS, i was listening to this song in repeat, the lyrics are deep, by Scary Kids Scaring Kids, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKFCGNeXR0s&p=080816C0955791A9&playnext=1&index=4, LISTEN to it. :D

Hair + Skin+ Bag: Lelutka, group gifts! Join Lelutka, and check notices.
Eye Makeup: Glam Affair, available at TDR, new collection, 50L. here.
Shirt: Atomic, project themeory item.
Pants: ::7Style::, group gift. Join ::7Styles::  and click here. <- new shop.
Socks: (TokiD), group gift. Join I Love Tokidoki and click here.
Shoes: Kookie, part of 50LF
Pose: Del May <- I LOVELOVLEOVELOVE her poses.

skin closeup.
headband: (fd) part of hair fair gift, previously blogged.
eyes: Miasnow

Thursday, September 23, 2010

welcome to the family.

today was a motherfucking boring ass day! i did NOTHING all day but listen to my grandmother complain about something i dont even temember.. :D BUT the highlight of my day was, my driving class, i almost ran over some FREAKING RETARD THAT RAN INTO THE STREET LIKE A MOFO. But, anyways. I've been listening to this song, ALL day i dont even know why. hahahahha its from the band A Day To Remember. <3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQVWUac-dwg <- LISTEN TO IT.
Jacket: {SMS}, 0L, here. This location has SEVERAL 1L to 0L items. SO cute! Check it outttassss..! 
Skin + Eyes: Miasnow! Currently having a 299L Salee!!! WOO.
Dress: A&A, 1L.
Shorts: Plastik., group gift. Join The Plastik, and check notices.
Socks: Slink
Pose: [Doll.]

skin closeup, + info on the sale. Miasnow set some of her FAVORITE skins down to 299! Scattered around her shop. SO, go check them out. I will PROBABLY post what skins they are.. BUT, idk :3


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

es que tu vives, en mi/ its that you live in me.

omg, SO today was soo RANDOM. i had my 1st FREAKING DRIVERS ED CLASS. and.. OMGFGGFHOUHGRUIOHBURGBKJF i almost crashed the car like 3097209745 times, the instructor kept telling me to slow down LOLOL. BUT anyways lucky us, he had a brake on the passenger seat too. ;) anyways, if you're spanish or not, i think everyone should listen to this songg.. :D Its a reggaeton. im NOT PR, but i like the music. ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgpkZQ6tlOg

Shirt: Arai, 1L, here. There are TON of 1L items scattered around the shop :P
Skirt: Slow Kitchen, group gift. Join *Slow KItchen* and click here.
Shoes: Maitreya, new member subscribo gift.
Skin: Mother Goose, previously blogged.
Pose: [Doll.]

skin/teeth closeup. ;0

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

pardon me..

ohiider, i have or don't know what to say.. :c.. ive been all emo today hahahha, soo i will keep the typing to a minimmun.. <- however you spell that. :D ANYWAYS, ta da..

Hat: Oompa, group gift. Join oompa. and click here.
Hair: Ay.Line, group gift. Join ++AY.LinE++ and click here
Dress + Belt: Oynx, NEW! <3 Thanks Frank you're kindd... :P
Balloons: Ribbon, 1L, here.
Pose: [Doll.] thanks Surii dollfacecutiepieadorableflickrpicturesgirl. 

-if the slurls are fucked up IM me, and let me know.. and i will send you the proper one. ;)-

Monday, September 20, 2010

la vida te esta cobrandoo, todo lo que me hiciste..

OMG, i have been experiencing, cell phone withdrawal, without my phoneeeeeee...!!! my FREAKING SERVICE GOT SHITTYLY cut offf.. !! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT SHIT, i was SO pisssedd. i felt so alone.. lol.. BUT anyways, i did get home SUPER late today, and kindof just BLAHED for this post, i knoww i been slacking like a MOFO, but once, i get used to this new scehdule, the pics wont be so shitty. :D

Hat: RachelBreaker, group gift. Join The Rachel Breaker Royal Gaurd and check notices.
Hair: Lamb,
Shirt: DuckNipple, 0L, here. There are several packs for 25L, and there is also a 0L pack for MEN. 
Gloves: Rotten Toe, 0l, here. The pack comes, with other options, like.. w/o blood, and super bloody. 
Panties: Scribble, "anuenue. 
Shoes: [CheerNo], previously blogged.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


 in and outin and outin and outin and outin and outin and outin and outin and outin and outin and outin and outin and outin and outin and outin and outin and outin and outin and outin and outin and outin and outin and outin and outin and outin and outin and outin and outin and outin and out. SO yeah, this is a QUICKIE. ;) say hii,

headband: fd, previously blogged.
hair: fd
Skin: Imabee, group gift. !Imabee, and click here.
Dress: Couventure, group gift, Join and click here.
Flats: Oyakin, 0L here.
Handbag: Tram, group gift. Join  tram :) and click here.
Pose: Izumiya

skin closeup

Saturday, September 18, 2010


i have not much to say today, busy busy weekend, im like half asleeep. :c anywaysssss WEE/

Hair: W&Y
Shirt: Atomic
Skirt: {SMS}
Leggings: Oyakin, 0L, here.
Socks: Slink
Umbrella: group gift. Join Superhero Epilepsy Combat Syndicate and check notices
Face Cheeks: {nestle my bosom} subscribo gift, check history, if you can, here.
Pose: Slink

Friday, September 17, 2010


ohii, how is you?! friendship, love, hugs, hugs, hugs, RANDOM.  <3333, ME and MY NEW AWESOMNEESS FWEND. <3333 she's cool, and SO adorableeee WEE! <333  TDRB released a new collection WOOHOO. and 50LF, and other awesome weekly events WOO! i will Post tomorrow all the shops that are currently having a SALE, like MonS!!! :P ANYWAYS, this is me AND nic! hahahha ENJOY.

on Nic :3
Eyes: Ema's Secret-Eyes Dream Brown Horizon
Skin:  [PF] Elly <Honey> - Broken Hearts Bleed (Modified)
Jeans: [Decoy] Inferno 88 Jeans - Dark Denim
Top: fri. - Longsleeve Scoop.Tee (Black)
Hair: !lamb. Heart - Grayscale
Scarf: Mr Poet Wide Scarf (Free Gift)

on Me:3
Jacket: Emery, available at TDRB
skirt; Veshi, available at TDRB, it comes with other options and a shirt
Socks: Duboo
Shoes: Maitreya
Hair: Diva
Headband: DP* YumYum

TDRB, here.

un dia mas mas MAS!

what a hecticcc fridayy, OMGAWWW. but luckily, i had some stuff i had saved that i wanted to sharee with you ALL! <333 RC is hosting a newbie thing, and if youre under 100 days YOU CAN HAVE LIKE A TON OF FREE STUFF, from RC CLUSTER. <3 Thanks Redd. Here are SOMe of the stuff.
Hat + Coconut Bra + Tongue + Plunger: Part of the 100 Day, newbie gift, here.
Highwaist Pants: R.cielli, group gift. Join Ricielli Update and click here.
Socks: **sen2**, previously blogged.
Shoes: Duboo, previously blogged.
Skin: Mother Goose, 1L, here.
Pose: leafy*

skin closeup
Eyes: Visavi, 0L, here.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


i hve been SO busyyy IRL that, i havent had time to like, find more stuff to blog, sooo. :c DONT HURT MEEEH. <3 The little time i had i found some stuff, at the switch mall, and stuff. <3 tomorrow i PROMISE, i will have more time to do a AMAZING post for you guys. hahahha <3

Hair: *eha~, 0L, here.
Shirt: *eha~, group gift. Join *eha~ update group and click here.
Leggings: Switch, 0L, here.
Shoes: RachelBreaker
Bag + Pose: Izumiya, group gift. Join IZUMIYA and click here.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

hunts freeb, friendship, hugsss.

Hair: Truth, available in YOUR inventory. Epi showed this to me. ahahhaha.
Shorts: L*Momo, 1L, here. Comes with a black short too!
Jacket: Emery, 0L, FATPACK, here. NEW gift! <3
Earrings: {Junk}, also part of the red seal Hunt.
Scarf: Zeery's, for the UPCOMING RED SEAL HUNT. <33 Thank you Zeeryaaa! <33 MWA.
Headpiece: [Bubble] also part of the red seal Hunt.

Skin: Hotdogs Miami
Shape: Blur Manneqin (custom) 
Hair: Your Inventory (courtesy of Truth Hawks!) Side Parted Bob with Flip
Sunglasses: Split Pea Big Pink Sunglasses 10L 
Cupcake Hat: Milestone Creations Mainstore (Hair Fair Gift)
Henley: Posh Hair Fair Gift
Shorts: Classy Starlust Motel Shorts (1L)
Penis Pumps: SSUS (not free but totally worth it!)
Mouth Lolli: [bubble] gacha prize!

info about Envelope Hunt:
 'Red Seal Hunt' @ Rue D'Antibes begins. TOMORRROOWOWOOOWOWOWO!!!!! 26 Shops, 26 Envelopes, 18 days to GET THEM! <3 Starting point, HERE.


i had such a HECTIC day today, BABYSITTING, fml. i dont know whykids sometmes dont listen?? like seriously.. UGH, i almost spazzed at 2 of my cousinsss from 5 that i was babysitting,, hahaha.. BUT i was SO happy when i got home into the peaceness of the suburbs, i know how much i complain about jersey, and how it sucks.. BUT after being with kids in the city ALL Day, makes jersey seem like heaven. hahahhha. ANYWAYS when i got on i exploreded. and found some freebs, AND SOMEONE SENT ME A POSE, thank you to whoever that was, ily! <3 hehhehe.

Sailor Outfit + Pose: Miu, group gift. Join *MIU* and click here. Includes, POSES! <3
Shoes: Fashion House, group gift. Join :: :: Fashion House :: :: and click here.

Shirt: Pesca, subscribo gift. Click, here.. AND check notices.
Shorts: Miu, also group gift. Info above. ;)
Shoes: [CheerNo], previously blogged.
Pose: part of the MIU group gift.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

momo is closing!!! :c

i logged on today, to get a notice, that Momo is CLOSING, and some items are down to 1L. Here are a few items that are 1L, everything else is like 50% off.. its SO sad, to see such a cute shop go, after being up for so long. :c -sighsss....!

Hair: Tricco
Bubblegum: Pink Fuel
Watermelon handbag: (ToKid), group gift. Join I Love Tokidoki, and click here
Poses: Izumiya

HUNTS anyone!?

SO i wrote today that i was doing the Kawaii Hunt right??i think i did i don't remember, i know right how retarded, she dont know wtf she writes.. LOL BUT i finished it!!!! AND alot of COOL shet, i got. YOU SHOULD SOOO DO IT, from a scale of 1 to 10, i would give it a like a 3 to 4! SO yeah. ALSO, the FTLO hunt ended yesterdayyy.. i KNOW i should;ve told you guys.. hahahha, but i forgot. Here are SOME of the prizes. NOT ALL, obviously.. MAYBE later, ill put the details and stuff, eventhough i HIGHLY recommend to just go threw all the shops.. ;) or better yet, ill just put the ones i remember. ;)

Flats: Sanu* comes with earrings and headbow.
Shirt: Ducknipple
Leggings: Izumiya

Bubbles Gum: Pink Fuel, NON free, thanksss Mochi! <333 
Bag: Love Soul
Leggings: Izumiya
Shirt: Mixed Nuts
Atennas: *Epic*

skin closeup!
Skin: *Eternity*

the rest of the items i dont remember, SO :D HAPPY HUNTING BABIES! MWA. <3
PS: i HATE my 1st picture :c

THIS IS MAMBO numbaaaa 5!

im HYPER, and so EXCITED about starting this NEW hunt, its the Kawaii hunt. WOO! SO many amazing shops are participating in it, and so YAAAAY! i found some freebs, SO here is what ii founded. ;)
Hair: .+*Heart Softens*+., group gift. Join .+*Heart Softens*+. and click here.
Mustache + Bracelet: +SC+SugarCoat, 0L here.
Bra: SG Fashion, group gift. Join -SG Fashion Updates- and click here.
Leggings: Beatnik, 0L, here. There are other colors available and stufff!! 
Shoes: Kookie, NON free. BUT, 100L, SOLD.
Pose: Isobeya

Hair: W&Y, non freee. BUT i love. 
Tattoo+Dress: SG Fashion, group gift. Join -SG Fashion Updates-, LM above.
Fishnets+Shorts + Belt+ Wings: *...syaka...*, group gift. Join "::+::syaka::+::" and click here.
Shoes: Kookie, WOO.
Pose: Isobeya.

Monday, September 13, 2010


ohii, omg i want to thank Epileptic, for IMing me telling me about Gatos new mainshop! hahahha, + there were FREEBIES! :o, SO i suggested we do a post on that, so exciting. SO here, is what i have to showww you! :D

This is my friend, Epileptic Dreddmor, <3 she's wearing:

Shirt + Pants: Gato, non free. ;)
Shoes: *Coco*, group gift, previously blogged.
Shape: by Me
Skin: Hotdogs Miami,
Glasses: Chuculet, 1L, here.
Shirt, Skirt, AND leggings: FREE, at Gato, here.
Toe Socks: Slink
Piercings: Buried, 1L, here.

get involved:
Epileptic Dreddmor, is hosting a awareness event, for Epilepsy Awareness. Join the group, Superhero Epilepsy Combat Syndicate[free to join], the first event is still in working progress, AND it will be having ongoing fundraisers after. Anyone who has ANY skill to contribute, IM her if you wish to be part of this event, Epileptic Dreddmor, ALSO, i will be setting out a few shapes at her soon to be HQ, HOW EXCITING! Either way, join the group, its open to EVERYONE <3.. or IM her for info, on this soon to be HUGE event. kthx<3


duckiiesss!! i was raiding threw my inventory trying to figure out wtf to blog right, and i found well, i REMEMBERED i had this CUTEST DUCK UMBRELLA EVAR, lol. so i decided to wear it. i tried to take a picture in this outfit like 2 times and i didnt like how the picture would come out, either too boring, or too plain, or something.. youknow? BUT now im totally happy, with it. :D
Hair: Fri.day, available @ the hair fair, gift, here.
Jacket: Atomic, group gift. Join Atomic Update Group, 250L to join, and click here.
Shorts: Bomb!, 0L, here.
Leggings: Mother Goose, 1L, here.
Bracelets: Rotten Toe, group gift. Join Rotten Toe Update, and click here.
Socks: Arai, 0L, here.
Shoes: Duboo*, past subscribo gift, CHECK history, here.
Pose: [Doll.]
Duck Umbrella: Rotten Toe, LM above.
Glasses: Imani, TPH prize, here.

i know most of it is previously blogged, but.. :D wutevaaaa <3

Sunday, September 12, 2010


so, im bored, and NO ONE is online. So i'll blog. I messed around making up a outfit, for like 20 min :c, some freebs and what not.

Hair: Fashionably Dead, at the Hair Fair. 
Jacket: R.icielli, available at TDR here, also, The shop is having a sale. I dont know when it will end or what not, but everything is like 50% off, here.
Shirt: Ohmai
Skirt: {SMS}
Purse: [Orta], subscribo gift, touch here, and CHECK HISTORY. 
Pose: Leafy*

fashion w/ mixed freebs anyone?

me and my and friend Willow, have been hanging out ALOT lately, so we decided to make a post together hahahahha,This is what we cameup with! P.S: there aren't really many freebs to bloggg ATM so, i will mix and stuff with other items ;) MAKE THINGS EXCITING .. If you want to be in a post with me, IM me, and let me know, i'd love to pose with you!
This is when we tried to match like twins, hahahha.
Hair: Lamb., available at Hair Fair.
Jacket: Atomic
Shirt: Fri.day
Shorts: Mirrors, group gift. Previously blogged. ;P
Shoes: G*Field, subscribo gift, checkk history, also previously blogged. + Kookie

Our Dressy outfits!
Hair: Clawtooth, freebie available at Bubbles booth, also previously blogged. + Lelutka
Dresses: Scribble
Shoes: Slink + Kookie
Willow: Shirt: Elsa 
Skirt: Pheonix Rising 
Leggings: Blowpop

Saturday, September 11, 2010

your love, your love is my drug!

i have nothing to say, but YOUR LOVE IS MYYY DRUG!! ;p few group gifts, and gachas, and stuff.

HeadTiger: Kue! subscribo gift, for September.
Skin: Imabee, 50L, ONLY till the 13th of September, here.
Hair: [kik], LM below.
Necklace: AnnaMayaHouse, 1L, here.
Jacket: [+And Count+], group gift, Join [+And Count+] and click, here.
Shirt: Tres Blah, available 1L, at Gnubie.
Panties: Nayar, 1L, here.
Leggings + Socks + Glasses: Duboo.
Slippers: [Bubble], gacha item, here.
Pose: Oyakin

Hair: [kik] discount, 30L, here. There are like 5 other hairstyles for 30L! 
Eyeliner: MiaSnow, new release.
Eyes: Poetic Eyes, 0L, here.
Skin! CLOSEUP! <3

Say hi!

Today i've made 2 cool friends! <3 Yesterday i came up with, this outfit last night, but i passed out before i could grab a snapshot, AND, blaaah.. EVEN though, im HAPPY i passed out, and got to meet one of my new friends, Zeerya! i think she's cool, and so i thought OMG SHE WOULD BE IN THE POST with me!! hahahha, AND SO she did! WOO. she's super cute!

on Zeerya: 
Dress - A piece of candy penelope plaid dress
Skin - (cice9_ Marianne II [deep] Smoke *Light/teeth/frek
Shape - Mynerva ~ Geekgasam Shape
Shoes - Maitreya Update Group Pumps
Glasses - (W) Horn Rimmed Glasses
Bracelet- :Fusion: Silver Cuff
Pose: [LP] Lazy Places For DSN Female 1
Hair:  Detour_Rhapsody_II_Black_Hair

on Me:
Hair: Clawtooth, part of the Hair Fair, already blogged.
Skin: Lelutka, already blogged.
Jacket: Narwhal
Skirt: Niniko, gacha item, -continuation of previous post-
Socks: **sen*2**
Shoes: [CheerNo], also previously blogged.
Marshmellow Fingers: Kao, click the jar , here.
Hand Tattoo: {nestle my bosom}, 1L, here