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Monday, September 13, 2010


duckiiesss!! i was raiding threw my inventory trying to figure out wtf to blog right, and i found well, i REMEMBERED i had this CUTEST DUCK UMBRELLA EVAR, lol. so i decided to wear it. i tried to take a picture in this outfit like 2 times and i didnt like how the picture would come out, either too boring, or too plain, or something.. youknow? BUT now im totally happy, with it. :D
Hair: Fri.day, available @ the hair fair, gift, here.
Jacket: Atomic, group gift. Join Atomic Update Group, 250L to join, and click here.
Shorts: Bomb!, 0L, here.
Leggings: Mother Goose, 1L, here.
Bracelets: Rotten Toe, group gift. Join Rotten Toe Update, and click here.
Socks: Arai, 0L, here.
Shoes: Duboo*, past subscribo gift, CHECK history, here.
Pose: [Doll.]
Duck Umbrella: Rotten Toe, LM above.
Glasses: Imani, TPH prize, here.

i know most of it is previously blogged, but.. :D wutevaaaa <3

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