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Monday, September 6, 2010

freebs w/ fashion!

ohi errone, i so totally forgot about posting the pictures i REDID cause my graphics dihg;odsfhn IT up, so yeah... So, yesterday me and my family had a BBQ,i dont even remember why, i think it was for labors day or my brothers home coming, or maybe it was both? and im like still stuffed as hell. i look like im 3 months pregnant, on some serious shiz.. ANYWAYS, ill get to the pics. :D

Hat + Jacket: Casa del Shai, FTLO hunt prize.
Hair: Dernier Cri, hair fair gifty, here.
Red Jumpsuit: Paper.doll, part of FTLO, hunt prize.
Leggings: Bottle Bird, part of FTLO, hunt prize.
Socks: Acid + Mala, gacha gachaaa! i LOVE these machines, here.
Shoes: duboo, past subscribo gifty. Already blogged.
Pose: Olive Juice, reopening gifty, at Hide and Seek, here. There is also a section of freebs, and discounts upstairs!

Hair: Clawtooth, 0L, Fatpack, here.
Shirt: Piddidle, part of the Hide and Seek sim hunt.
White Jacket/Dress: *BOOM*, part of the Hide and Seek sim hunt.
Leggings: Plastik., 1L, monthly gift, here.
Shoes: Kao
Pose: Leafy*

LM to Hide and Seek, here.

Hair: D!VA, 6k group members gift. Join "D!va", and click here.
Tattoos: {nestle my bosom}, actchio. Part of the FTLO hunt, prizes.
Skin: Leafy*, part of FTLO hunt prize.
Shirt: Medley, part of the FTLO hunt.
Pants: {Colorism} , part of the FTLO hunt.
Shoes: Maitreya, new member subscribo gift, fat pack, here.
Pose: Leafy*, also Part of the FTLO hunt.

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