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Monday, September 6, 2010


So, im dedicating this post, to a girl i met, at Acid & Mala, cause i randomly asked her for the LM to Gnubie, for a post i did that i had something on.. BUT anyways..
She didn't know wtf Gnubie was, and.. LOL.

[09:29 PM]  Rogue: i don't know what that is
[09:29 PM]  Air Venom: OMG
[09:29 PM]  Air Venom: what
[09:29 PM]  Air Venom: are you SERIOUS?
[09:29 PM]  Air Venom: its like
[09:29 PM]  Air Venom: 1L heaven
[09:29 PM]  Rogue : oh ew pass.
[09:30 PM]  Air Venom: LOL

obviously, im going to keep her name confidential, hehehhhe. But, it was funny as hell. Hence, why im dedicating it to her. :D I HOPE YOU'RE READING THIS ROGUE! <3

EVERYTHING you see here, except, hair, skin and pose, are available at Gnubie, some for 1L and others 0L, here. There are OBVIOUSLY more stuff, Truth, Surf Co, Artilleri, Tres Blah, Canimal, Gritty Kitty, K & CO., and MUCH MUCH MUCH MCUCH more!

Skin: Mynerva, part of Think Pink Hunt.
Face Makeup: Glam Affair
Hair: Lamb, Miasnow
Poses: Leafy, Olive Juice

Mynerva, skin close up! <3

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