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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

hunts freeb, friendship, hugsss.

Hair: Truth, available in YOUR inventory. Epi showed this to me. ahahhaha.
Shorts: L*Momo, 1L, here. Comes with a black short too!
Jacket: Emery, 0L, FATPACK, here. NEW gift! <3
Earrings: {Junk}, also part of the red seal Hunt.
Scarf: Zeery's, for the UPCOMING RED SEAL HUNT. <33 Thank you Zeeryaaa! <33 MWA.
Headpiece: [Bubble] also part of the red seal Hunt.

Skin: Hotdogs Miami
Shape: Blur Manneqin (custom) 
Hair: Your Inventory (courtesy of Truth Hawks!) Side Parted Bob with Flip
Sunglasses: Split Pea Big Pink Sunglasses 10L 
Cupcake Hat: Milestone Creations Mainstore (Hair Fair Gift)
Henley: Posh Hair Fair Gift
Shorts: Classy Starlust Motel Shorts (1L)
Penis Pumps: SSUS (not free but totally worth it!)
Mouth Lolli: [bubble] gacha prize!

info about Envelope Hunt:
 'Red Seal Hunt' @ Rue D'Antibes begins. TOMORRROOWOWOOOWOWOWO!!!!! 26 Shops, 26 Envelopes, 18 days to GET THEM! <3 Starting point, HERE.


  1. gracias Amyy! <333 mwaaa
    yaaay ZEE! <3<3<3 im SO gladd you likeeee it <333 hugsss :P