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Monday, September 6, 2010

Keiko beat me up!

Dear Keiko, im sorry for going to the hair fair with a shit ton of prims, its that.. I like to look pretty! hahahhahha. But yeah, um Keiko Morigi, the owner of And Bean, put out a 10L skin, its so sweet, and funny. There is a beat up version and a regular one. Here is a snapshot.

Hair: Kin, at Hair Fair, here.
Skin: &Bean, 10L, here.
Kimono: Awram Viie, 0L, here.
Shirt: Fri.day, 0L, here.
Leggings: Rotten Toe, past group gift. Join Rotten Toe Update [there is a 15L fee to join], and click here.

me and Gioja, are here hanging out, SO see you here ! :D 

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