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Monday, September 20, 2010

la vida te esta cobrandoo, todo lo que me hiciste..

OMG, i have been experiencing, cell phone withdrawal, without my phoneeeeeee...!!! my FREAKING SERVICE GOT SHITTYLY cut offf.. !! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT SHIT, i was SO pisssedd. i felt so alone.. lol.. BUT anyways, i did get home SUPER late today, and kindof just BLAHED for this post, i knoww i been slacking like a MOFO, but once, i get used to this new scehdule, the pics wont be so shitty. :D

Hat: RachelBreaker, group gift. Join The Rachel Breaker Royal Gaurd and check notices.
Hair: Lamb,
Shirt: DuckNipple, 0L, here. There are several packs for 25L, and there is also a 0L pack for MEN. 
Gloves: Rotten Toe, 0l, here. The pack comes, with other options, like.. w/o blood, and super bloody. 
Panties: Scribble, "anuenue. 
Shoes: [CheerNo], previously blogged.