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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


OMG, so i just finished applying for jobsssss !!! 3 JOBS! OMG I HOPE ONE CALLS MEEE!! SO after i finished applying online, i decided to get on SL cause im bored as a dfflighdo;fhdonhpdifhg so YEAH, this is what i came up with for a random outfit.. i wont put the slurls and such of the ones i've already blogged,! :P i also created 4 shapes, i might give away or sell, i dont know.. probably give away, cause i mean who buys shapes now right?? lolol IM me if you want them or something..

Hair: D!va,
Eyes: MiaSnow,
Skin: Laq,
Skin Makeup: Exile, available at hair fair, already blogged,
Necklace: .+*AA*+.
Glasses: Duboo*,
Jacket + Shirt: Narwhal,
Pants: ~*RunoRuno*~,
Socks: Narwhal,
Shoes: Coco, group gift. Join *COCO* Update Group and click.
Pose: Pr!tty, 

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