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Monday, September 13, 2010


ohii, omg i want to thank Epileptic, for IMing me telling me about Gatos new mainshop! hahahha, + there were FREEBIES! :o, SO i suggested we do a post on that, so exciting. SO here, is what i have to showww you! :D

This is my friend, Epileptic Dreddmor, <3 she's wearing:

Shirt + Pants: Gato, non free. ;)
Shoes: *Coco*, group gift, previously blogged.
Shape: by Me
Skin: Hotdogs Miami,
Glasses: Chuculet, 1L, here.
Shirt, Skirt, AND leggings: FREE, at Gato, here.
Toe Socks: Slink
Piercings: Buried, 1L, here.

get involved:
Epileptic Dreddmor, is hosting a awareness event, for Epilepsy Awareness. Join the group, Superhero Epilepsy Combat Syndicate[free to join], the first event is still in working progress, AND it will be having ongoing fundraisers after. Anyone who has ANY skill to contribute, IM her if you wish to be part of this event, Epileptic Dreddmor, ALSO, i will be setting out a few shapes at her soon to be HQ, HOW EXCITING! Either way, join the group, its open to EVERYONE <3.. or IM her for info, on this soon to be HUGE event. kthx<3