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Friday, September 10, 2010

movie night!

i flat ironed my hair, i did my nails, now its MOVIE TIME, i dont know exactly what im going to watch but i KNOW it better be good, a action, suspensful flick?? :D ay ay ay, I NEED TO FIND dimple piercings, any suggestions?!

Hair: Ay.Line, previously blogged.
Glasses: [kik], gacha item, so many cuteee glasses nomnomnomnomnomn, here.
Sweater: Arai, 1L, here.
Skirt: Glasnost, 0L, here. I LOVE LOVELOVELOVELOVE THIS SHOP, sooo many UNIQUE items, i will go broke shopping there, :P
Leggings: Narwhal, subscribo/group gift. Join subscribo and click the outfit, here.
Shoes: Niniko, gacha item. There are 3 FREAKING MACHINES!!! i was like in HEAVEN, i will blog one of the other items from the machines, you can see them, here.
Pose: Leafy*, part of the FTLO hunt, previously blogged.
Nails: Virtually/Insanity, previously blogged.

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