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Saturday, September 4, 2010

my 1st post!

Ello, Darlings! SO, i am NOT new to the blogging world. But, yeah. I am a alt, and i am starting FRESH. So, TA DA. :D Say hi to me inworld. 
Outfit: Rotten Toe, only 15L, it includes EVERYTHING you see on the picture, here.
Pose: Del May, 0L, here
Henna Tattoo: {nestle my bosom}, 1L, here

And, this is my NEW face. I am going to start selling shapes, fyi. Keep your eyes open Angels!
Skin: Laq
Eyes + Makeup: Glam Affair, at the dressing room, 50L, here.

Me and my BESTEST friend Gioja, chilling in undies. 
on Air:
Hair: Yuna's Hair
Undies: "anuenue.
Shoes: duboo, subscribo gifty! You can access ALL gifts, here, on the subscribo history.
Pose: Del May

on Gioja:
Hair: Yuna's Hair
Shirt: tres blah, at Gnubie, here.
Panties: Ducknipple, 0L, here.


  1. Yay!!!! I took that photo and we rock the undies!

  2. hahahha!yea, youre idea! <3 i LOVE your pic editation though.

  3. the pipe, is part of the outfit. It comes with the hat, shoes, socks.. everything for only 15L! :D