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Thursday, September 9, 2010

my knife, your throat!

lalalla, i been SO super bored, that i decided to go on a hunt for gacha machines, and like blog everything i find, hahahahha, i found this ONE gacha machine in MiaSnow, AMAZING SHIZ man, fo real. With eyes, glasses, etc etc ILL SHOW.. :D

Birdies: Clawtooth, available at the Hair Fair.
Hair: D!va
Skin: MiaSnow, for newcomers, 45 days old or LESS, here.
Shirt: Medley, part of the FTLO hunt.
Jacket + Teddy Bear: RunoRuno
Boxers: Gato, also part of the FTLO hunt.
Socks: Honey*Kitty, gacha item!
Flats: 50 Flats
Pose: Del May, part of the Twisted Hunt.
Glasses + Knife to the Heart: MiaSnow, gacha items, here

Skin Closeup! ITS AMAZING.
Eyes: MiaSnow, gacha item, LM above.