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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


so, i know i've like been displaying my alts and shiz, you might be confused on who runs this blog, BUT this is my main, Blur Mannequin, so Say hi! PLEASE do NOT contact Air Venom, for nothing, she is discontinued. hehehhe, ANYWAYS this is what i've been working on! :D Tell me what you think!

Hair: Exile, 0L, available at the hair fair, here.
Skin: The Obscene, gift available at the hair fair, here.
Dress: pop*feel, group gift! Join fashion shop *pop feel* and click, here.
Fries Bag: Chabinns, 0L, here.
Flats: DP* Yum Yum, gacha item, here! <3
Handbag: ][AV][, group gift. Join .:*WAvE.:*, and check notices.
Pose: Del May, part of the Twisted Hunt, here

skin closeup! I LOVE THIS SKIN to shitbricks! <3 
makeup: part of the gift, from Exile, LM above.
Hair: ++AY.LinE++, group gift. Join ++AY.LinE++ and click, here. There is also a reopening gift! 
Pose: Oyakin,

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