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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


i had such a HECTIC day today, BABYSITTING, fml. i dont know whykids sometmes dont listen?? like seriously.. UGH, i almost spazzed at 2 of my cousinsss from 5 that i was babysitting,, hahaha.. BUT i was SO happy when i got home into the peaceness of the suburbs, i know how much i complain about jersey, and how it sucks.. BUT after being with kids in the city ALL Day, makes jersey seem like heaven. hahahhha. ANYWAYS when i got on i exploreded. and found some freebs, AND SOMEONE SENT ME A POSE, thank you to whoever that was, ily! <3 hehhehe.

Sailor Outfit + Pose: Miu, group gift. Join *MIU* and click here. Includes, POSES! <3
Shoes: Fashion House, group gift. Join :: :: Fashion House :: :: and click here.

Shirt: Pesca, subscribo gift. Click, here.. AND check notices.
Shorts: Miu, also group gift. Info above. ;)
Shoes: [CheerNo], previously blogged.
Pose: part of the MIU group gift.

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