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Friday, September 17, 2010

un dia mas mas MAS!

what a hecticcc fridayy, OMGAWWW. but luckily, i had some stuff i had saved that i wanted to sharee with you ALL! <333 RC is hosting a newbie thing, and if youre under 100 days YOU CAN HAVE LIKE A TON OF FREE STUFF, from RC CLUSTER. <3 Thanks Redd. Here are SOMe of the stuff.
Hat + Coconut Bra + Tongue + Plunger: Part of the 100 Day, newbie gift, here.
Highwaist Pants: R.cielli, group gift. Join Ricielli Update and click here.
Socks: **sen2**, previously blogged.
Shoes: Duboo, previously blogged.
Skin: Mother Goose, 1L, here.
Pose: leafy*

skin closeup
Eyes: Visavi, 0L, here.

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