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Thursday, September 23, 2010

welcome to the family.

today was a motherfucking boring ass day! i did NOTHING all day but listen to my grandmother complain about something i dont even temember.. :D BUT the highlight of my day was, my driving class, i almost ran over some FREAKING RETARD THAT RAN INTO THE STREET LIKE A MOFO. But, anyways. I've been listening to this song, ALL day i dont even know why. hahahahha its from the band A Day To Remember. <3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQVWUac-dwg <- LISTEN TO IT.
Jacket: {SMS}, 0L, here. This location has SEVERAL 1L to 0L items. SO cute! Check it outttassss..! 
Skin + Eyes: Miasnow! Currently having a 299L Salee!!! WOO.
Dress: A&A, 1L.
Shorts: Plastik., group gift. Join The Plastik, and check notices.
Socks: Slink
Pose: [Doll.]

skin closeup, + info on the sale. Miasnow set some of her FAVORITE skins down to 299! Scattered around her shop. SO, go check them out. I will PROBABLY post what skins they are.. BUT, idk :3


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