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Sunday, October 31, 2010


TRICK OR TREAT!!! i went out today trick or treating andi got MAD CANDY MAN, like a BAG FULL and i ate it all, then puked.. lolol BUT i just got home, and showered and stuff. and got online, and i was SURPRISED CAUSE FRANK HAD SENT ME HIS NEW SHOPS Onyx Wear, GACHA ITEMS!! I LVOE THEMMM!!! 
Hair, Skins, Shoes: Lelutka, halloween giftsss!! :D
Pose: beemann, NEW. Soon to be released for Epilepsy Awareness. [: 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

so yeah.

Dress: Miel, halloween gift. Subscriboooo!! 
Pose: [Doll.], subscribo gift.
Ring: LacieCakes, gachaaa 
Skin + Shoes: previously blogged ;)

epilepsy awareness halloween gift.

lalalalalla CHECK this out, SO me and one of my closest friends Epileptic Dreddmor, was hanging out and like, she was working on this skirt for you guys as a gift, while i was making poses for the SOON happening charity event happening on nov.6!! IF YOU"RE A DESIGNER AND WANT TO BE A PART OF THIS CONTACT HER OR ME. BLOGGER YOU TOO. DONT BE LAZY. [: anyways, here are the skirt giftsss.. <3

Skirts: [SECS] subscribo gift. Join the subscribo and get these TWO skirts!! CHECK THE HISTORY, here. <3 
Poses + Mustaches + Flats + Shape: beemann


thank you all you beautiful designersss for thee wonderful amazing gifts and creations you make to make our inworld so high class. ;P

on Me: 
ALL Lelutka Halloween gifts. MWAMWA thankss guys.
Pose: beemann

on Epi: 
Hair: Posh gift at Savoir Hair
Skin: Lelutka Femme Halloween Giftie
Zombie Hair Flower: Concrete Flowers Project Themory item
Bloody Mouth Tattoo: Concrete Flowers Project Theomery item
Zombie Head Snack: Concrete Flowers Project Theomery item
Zombie Cotton Dress: Concrete Flowers Project Theomery item
Shoes: Rachel Breaker Hot Dog Wedges
Glasses: US Army 1968 from Maschienenwerk 0L, here.
Pose: beemann


SO i justwoke up AND i washed my face brushed my teeth you know the usuall thingg int he MORNING and, I WOKE UP TO MY MOTHER DANCING REGGAETON! LIKE WT!?????! IFELT SO TRAUMATICED.. BUT anywayssssss SOME FREEBIES AND SHIT. <333 
Jacket: Magi Take Flight, group gift. Join the group, and click here.
Skirt: Turducken, group gift. Join the group nd check notices, here.
Boots: [Surf Co., part of this weeks 50LF
Face Bats: beemann, halloween gift. Join the group and click here.
Pose: Modd.G, 0L, presets, here.
Luggage thing: Runo@Tear, camp item. Sit for 10 min, here

Friday, October 29, 2010


nananannana SO i met Yumi Chiuh, and she's a dollface! Hugsss.. <33 Here are some of the shop items ;)

visit [M2M], here.
poses + tattoos: beemann, here.

new releases and FREEBIES!

SO yeah, i was TOTALLY wrong last night, when i said there werent enough or any ormany freebies toblog, cause it was a TOTAL lie!!! lolol, i found some neat shit guys, like really!! Ill show the AMAZING new Plastik. dress. ITS SOO FRICKING NICE + Some freebs.

Hair: Fri.day
Skin: Lelutka
Dress+ Shoes: Plastik. here.
Bracelets: LaGyo, subscribo gift, here
Tattoos + Pose: beemann
Hair + Shoes: [JP] group gifts. Join [ JP ] Design and click here. There is a MALE skin and a FEMALE skin and some other stuff. GOOGOGOGOGO.
Eyelashes: Bliss Couture, 0L, here.
Skin: Fhang Candy, group gift. Join Fhang Candy Update Group [FC] and click here.
Shirt: [Luce.], group gift. Join [Luce.] and click here.
Skirt: Mocha
Pose + Tattoo: beemann

skin + lash closeup!

Face Tattoo: beemann, Join **~Monday Mania Group~**, and click here.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

new poses at beemann!

I DONT KNOW WHY PEOPLEKEEP CONFUSING ME FOR OTHER PEOPLEEE !!! likee FUCKME. AND, i made new poses.! For the new opening of the flagship AND some new tattoos, for like 5L and stuff. I BE BORED as hell. :c AND um Hi!! <333 ILOVEYOUALL.

the whole set is only 35L! 

this one is 20? i think i dont rememberrr hahahaha.

this one is 5L cause i dont know about it.. :c

gogogoogoo to the mainshop, here.

AND im so sorry i havent been blogging freebs there really arent none to blogggg :c i DID send a freebie pose in the group + subscriboo! <33 Here is a preview of ittt ;)

ciaoo babiesss! <3

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

beemann has a flagship shop

SO EXCITED, i just got some land to set up a flagship for beemann, AND worked on it ALL day SO thats why i havent posted anything yet. :D It's REALLY PRETTY with rose petals on the floor of the shop, w/ the new shop i am releasing the love me flats i made yesterday, they come w/ reseizable + shine and no shine options!!! ;o

Hair: [ 69] 
Skin: Lelutka 
Shirt + Panties: Rock Me Amadeus, GREAT SHOP, here.
Mustache + Flats + Pose: beemann, NEW LOCATION, here.

preview of the flats! <3

freebies @ the mainshop, here.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

new at beemann

SO i been working on MUSTACHES! ;o TATTOOS lolol, this is what i made.

you can get them, here


:D SO i found this super cool place with a shiton of AMAZING freebiesss!!! LIKE REALLY! it's really cool! SO many shops.. :P, here. These are SOME of the freebs i got. ;) I did release a new set for Male POses ON MY SHOP! AND blaaah! i dont know ho wi feel about them i think i will make them like SUPER Cheap, here.

Monday, October 25, 2010


dlaailkdshfolsudgb HI!

Hair: [CheerNo] 0L, here.
Skin: Lelutka, 0L, here.
Bra: Plastik
Skirt: Pididdle
Leggings: {nestle my bosom} 1L, here.
Shoes: [CheerNo]
Pose: Leafy*

onyx wear neww

Skin: &Bean
Jacket: Onyx Wear! NEW, here.
Pants w/ Leggings: Razorblade Jacket, GACHA item, previously blogged ;)
Flats w/ Tattoo: beemann, group gift. Join beemann Update and click, here. <- AMAZING other shops on the SIM PLEASE LOOK AROUND. MANY gifts.
Pose: [doll.] 

beemann, new tattoo! <3


i've been working on some basic flats and stuff, with a little TWIST to them! :P I did them in VARIOUS colorss and such! AND they are out NOW! :o 25L each color AND of course a group gift FREEB! :P

Hair: 69, WHICH I SO HAPPY I GOT TODAY!!! AND meet Lanie and Kaz there LOL, so random FLICKR PEOPLE UNITE! <3 .
Skin: MonS
Bandaid: Reek
Flats + Pose: beemann 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

[e] is ON!

OMG GUYS I THINK MY GRAPHICS CARD IS ABOUT TO DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! idk why it shows these black lines around the pictureeee fml. 
Hair: [e] 0L, here. There is also another hair option! AND its a fatpack! <3
Skin: Mynerva
Tank: Plastik
Jeans: [Sassy Kitty Designs] 
Heels: Plastik
Pose: *Luth*

beemann is now OPEN

SO it took awhile and i want to thank Viollette Vyper for helping me so much! LIK REALLY i owe her so much, <33 Here are some poses i worked on and are up for SALE NAOW! <333

i present to ALL beemann, poses! DUMDUMDUM!!! <33 They are ALL super cheap. 40L per pack, 10L per  pose. :)

get them, here. There are some freebie poses, and shape. HAVE FUN! 

ALSO MANY AMAZING SHOPS AT THE SIM! Like, [BellBalls]. Dinosaur, Nox, Crazy, AND MANY MANY MORE! <3 See you all babies!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

happy birthday juicy, hehehhe

Hair: fri.day
Skin: Atomic
Tattoo: MiaSnow
Jacket: Timmy's Designs, 0L, here. Part of the Juicy freebiess ;)
Shirt: Mr. Poet, 0L, here.
Jeans w/ Leggings: Razorblade Jacket, GACHA ITEM, here. i have been totally slacking on gacha item findss SORRY :3
Flats: Mocha, part of the Tea Hunt. 
Mouth Zipper: Fierce*, also part of the Juicy bday freebs! :P
Pose: Poseur, 0L, pack here. Part of the Juicy bday freebs! ;)

This is a vendor ad, i made for beemann poses! :O whaa do you think?! :D

Friday, October 22, 2010

RazorBlade Jacket! lovelove

SO yeah, this shop is AMAZING! go check it out, here. Like seriously GO! AND, ive been working on POSES!!! AND WOO i think i wrote this in the past blog.. LOL bbut, im exciteded about it!! ;o I think iwill post the SLURL where the shop is SOON, i just need to put like 4 or 3 more things in there so it dont look so lameee and NOOBY! :c.. BUt vio has been helping meee and i cant thank her enoughhh!! LOVEYOUGIRL. :D i also have MANY freebs for you babiesss! <33

Here are some items from Razorblade Jacket! <3 Thanks Heather + Kehl
Skin: [Esuga] previously blogged.
Hair: Loq
See, Hear, Speak, No Evil + Shirt + Jeans: Razorblade Jacket, here. GOGOOGOGOGOGOGO. <3
Shoes: TokiD, previously blogged
Pose: beemann 


SO, im OPENING A SHOP IN LIKE 3 days!!! OMGGGGG IM SO EXCITED AND SCARED LOLOL. Im making some poses to go with the shapes and go on from there, POSES ARE SO RETARDED BTW i must tell you :D ANYWAYS. some freebs stuff!

Hair: Diva
Skin: Imabee, available at the CFC Festival
Dress: Plastik, part of the Halloween special GOGOGOGOOG, here.
Glasses + Socks: Modd.G, 0L, here.
Bag: ][AV][, 0L, here.
Shoes: Kookie
Pose: beemann

Thursday, October 21, 2010

zeery's mwaaa

Hat: RachelBreaker, group gift. Join The Rachel Breaker Royal Gaurd, and check notices.
Hair: Loq
Skin: MiaSnow
Shape: beemann, coming soon. 
Outfit: RunoRuno
Shoes: [Sassy Kitty Designs]
Coffin w/ Poses: Glitterati, 0L, here.
Scarf: Zeery's!! SOO AMAZING! GO GET IT, here

Zeery's Zombiefied Scarf Collection! AMAZING LOVELOVELOVE, thanks Zeeryaaa MWA <3
Shape: beemann
Hair + Headband: (fd)
Panties + Bra: Rockberry
Pose: Pr!tty


so, there really isnt much freebs to show, soooo im showing past stuff ive blogged and stuff. ALso, im introducing my new shapeee 'Feel', hopee you guys like it. :o ANYWAYS hiii :P

Hair: Loq, available at CFC Festival
Skin: &Bean
Shape: beemann, coming soon. New!! :o
Inner Shirt + Socks: Emery, 0L, here.
Orange Shirt: It's Cake, 0L, here.
Pants: Mirror, group gift. Join Mirrors*+ and click here.
Shoes: Duboo, subscribo gift. PAST**.. check history, here.
Pose: [Doll.]
Umbrella: Rotten Toe

shape closeup ;o

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

gacha festival, uh-lalalla.

Panties + Bra: Pig 
Pajama Pants: Doppleganger
Socks: loveme.
Face Paint: :CP:

item that are NOT part of the festival;
Hair; Lamb
Skin: Minajunk
Belt: {SMS}
Shoes: Rotten Toe, group gift. Join Rotten Toe Update, 15L fee. Click, here.
Shape: beemann, coming soon. This shape is named Soah, i made her today. :o do you like it?
Pose: dfo!

shape closeup!

info about the Gacha Festival!
55+ gatcha machines full of quality items (many exclusives!) from ALBERO+cioccolata merchants and guests.  
Autumn Gatcha Festival Series 1: October 20 - November 3
Autumn Gatcha Festival Series 2: November 10 - November 24
 Here, to the Festival! <3

i just HAVE to say, that the festival is SO well decoratedddd like i didnt want to leaveeeeeee!! SO preettyyy, BUT yes, go visit! sooo many lovelyyyy stuff. 

tea hunt 2?

SO, im totally bored and thought i'd write or show some other hunt prizes! DUMDUM.

Hat: Deviant Girls
Hair: Ay.Line
{Eyes: Miasnow, not part of the Hunt}
Skin: Mother Goose
{Shape: beemann, not part of the Hunt}
Dress: Fore
Skirt: [kik]
Inner Shirt: Tomoto
Flats: Mocha
Tea Bag: TokiD
Pose: Poise

skin closeup


ohii, how is everyone!? i hope well.. Today for me has been hetic but fun! I FINALLY GOT MYYY PHONEEE!!! lolol, and now to program and get apps and shit, soo lame.. but WOO, i didn't know what really to blog today, since there really isnt muchhh i guess? LOL im losing my mojoo guysss FML. but, anywayss hiii. OH, and i added some tabs/pages on theblog.. took me FOREVER to find out wtf to write on them hahahahha. Anyway's some freebs and suchh.. HAVE FUN DARLINGS. <3

Hair: D!VA
Headband: DP yum yum
Skin: MonS
Shape: beemann, coming soon. This shape is called Creamu. ;)
Jacket: Maknie, group gift. Join Maknie, and check notices.
Bra: Sweetest Goodbye, 1L, here.
Pants: Glam Affair, part of the CFC Festival, previously blogged.
Shoes: Kookie
Bag: Byk's free backpack, 0L here.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

beat breast cancer!

me and my friend Lei Garnet, she did the picture, and she asked me to be in it with her and i was like OMG YES! she's a amazing blogger, and blogs for like a shitton of people. ANYWAYS enjoy, and lets beat breast cancer!

on Me: 
Headband: DP yumyum,
Hair: Zero Style, previously blogged.
Necklace + bracelets: Acid & Mala
Bodysuit: Hyper Culture, new release!
Skirt: paper.doll
Bandaids: Reek
Socks: Slink
Pose: Glitterati

you can find what she's wearing on her blog, here. ;)

tea hunt

so im totally bored today, and been blogging like a moron, BUT i be making up for what i missed i guess, and AND i probably wont be able to blog anything tomorroowww cause, um.. i dont know yet lol, MY PHONE TOTALY FREAKING DIED ON ME TODAY, like its processor is freaking DONE. DUMDUMUDM, i so blame Vio!!! UGH lolol JK. i get my new droid tomorrow though so it's okay . :P anywayyy, here are SME items from the tea hunt. DUMDUM. 
Hair: Ay.Line
Antlers: duboo
Muffler: Atelier AM
Skirt: !Ohmai, it's really a shirt, but i used the prim as a skirt. ;)
Shirt: TokiD
Leggings: Tee*fy
Legwarmer: Tram
Shoes: loveme

other items;
Skin: Imabee
Shape: beemann, coming soon. :P

ALL items you can look for, here. The prices are ALL 1L, SO totally worth it, there are about 20 something items :P


Hat: = Hal*Hina =, group gift. Join petit pas, and stuff.. Previously blogged ;)
Skin: Esuga, lucky board
Jacket + Leggings: G*Field, 0L, here
Dress: o*m, subscribo gift. Join here, and check history..
Bag: RachelBreaker, 0L, here.
Pose: Izumiya

skin closeup and stuff. ;)