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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

drop it on meee DROP IT ON MEEE! HEYHEY.

nananannanannana, !!! :o ok SO, hii :3 i tried to mess aorund with the shadows optionand i EPICALLY FAILED, my grpahics card almost like dieddd LOLOL, cause my graphics are set to high not ultraaa :c SO i dont know if ther is like a debug or something to turn them on without killinh my graphicsss :P ANYWAYS, awesome stuff i found thank to Dez! <33 MWAMWA gawgusss <3

Hair: Drenier Cri
Skin: MonS, previously blogged. YOU WILL SEE ME IN THIS SKIN FOR LIKE WEEKS, cause i love it hahahahha. 
Headband: (fd)
Sweater/Dress + Tattoo + Pants: [Jem], the Pants, were 10L, and the rest were free, here
Shoes: Slink, group gift. Join Slink. Classy gear for classy babes and check notices,
Pose: dfo!

shoe closeup!

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