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Saturday, October 30, 2010


SO i justwoke up AND i washed my face brushed my teeth you know the usuall thingg int he MORNING and, I WOKE UP TO MY MOTHER DANCING REGGAETON! LIKE WT!?????! IFELT SO TRAUMATICED.. BUT anywayssssss SOME FREEBIES AND SHIT. <333 
Jacket: Magi Take Flight, group gift. Join the group, and click here.
Skirt: Turducken, group gift. Join the group nd check notices, here.
Boots: [Surf Co., part of this weeks 50LF
Face Bats: beemann, halloween gift. Join the group and click here.
Pose: Modd.G, 0L, presets, here.
Luggage thing: Runo@Tear, camp item. Sit for 10 min, here

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