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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween @ Plastik.

Halloween Rolls around and it's my favorite Holiday of the year. It's the year we get to dress up as things we want to be, or maybe we already are in Second Life. It's the holiday of candy, parties, and meeting people. It's watching the leaves turn brown and the weather get chillier, and the smell of pumpkins and spices. It's the anticipation of the Upcoming winter, and all of the wonderful things in between. 

This year I went with a spiderweb theme; As last year it was Pumpkins. Everything for Halloween either has spiderwebs all over it, or has some pretty festive pattern. All Halloween patterns this year, i scanned in and tweaked, and modded myself. There are Skeleton skins and Widow skins just like last year, but all redone and refurbished and sparkly new. They will all be Available all through October and you should definitely come check them out! 

There are 57 items, and they will be Released 5 at a time, every day! <3 This is partially so that my giant board doesn't overwhelm those who are coming in to look at them, Lol. 
'p.s. i copied and pasted the NC.' 
Here to Plastik.

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