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Monday, October 18, 2010


So, i have been totally debating for MONTHS, whether i should switch to tumblr, since its also where i have my rl blogggg, and stufff there.. SO it would be SO much easier to have evrtyhing together on one thing, BUT.. IHAVNOIDEA.. like... should i shouldnt i?? HMM maybe i should?? Well whateverrrr i guesss.. :P Some freebs and such. :P
Hat: Lo*Momo, group gift. Join :: petit pas :: and click here.
Hair: modd.g, 0L, here.
Skin: &Bean, part of TSH
Shape: beemann, coming soon.
Dress: Conner's, subscribo gift. Join subscribo and check history, here.
Bag: ;sey. group gift, join :sey-LOxKE, and click, here
Shoes: ToKid, previously blogged.
Pose: Izumiya


  1. If you want to and feel like you are ready to, I think you should. I recently moved my blog (but not to Tumblr) and I don't regret it! I don't think it hurts to try anyway.

    If all else fails or you regret it (which I doubt), you can always move back.

  2. thanks for the advice ashe, you're a sweetheart! hehe