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Friday, October 1, 2010


Quizás amaste a quien no debiste amar
Tomaste una decisión fatal
Te lastimaron y eso te hizo mal
Yo lo tuve que pagar
Quizás el te engaño no te amo de verdad
Fue una aventura un juego y nada más
Nunca te dieron la oportunidad
Yo lo tuve que pagar

i love this song, the message is so true. Translated version below; just to put this out there GOOGLE TRANSLATE CAN SUCKS MY ASS. i had to use my brain to translate this whole shit. :3

maybe you loved the person you wasn't suppose to love
you took a fatal decision 
they hurt you, and that did you wrong, and now i have to pay for it.
maybe he deceived you, didn't love you for real
it was an adventure, a game nothing more
they never gave you the opportunity, and i had to pay for it.

skin closeup, LOVE it. go get it, for hint: near the dead body.. 

Hair: Ay.Line, group gift. NEW, October gift. Join ++AY.LinE++ and click here.
Skin w/ Eyes: MiaSnow, part of the Hunt of the Living Dead, info below.
Red Dress: ::Fore::, group gift. Join :: fore :: and click here.
Leggings: *Latte*, 0L, here. There is a brown and black options. AND, a group gift. Go get it. ;)
Ankle Bracelet: [ bubble ], 0L, here. Part of Halloween Bizarre
Shoes: Miatreya
Pose: Glitterati

info about Hunt of the Living Dead;
Yellow JesteR presents another Tainted Hunt - The Hunt of the Living Dead is a grid-wide treasure hunt organized to help you prepare for the impending zombie apocalypse. You'll find everything you need from zombie skins and survival tools to death, murder, carnage and brains. Hunt of the Living Dead features items created by some of the freakishly talented designers and builders in Second Life. Join other survivors and seek strength in numbers, or stalk the last remaining humans from October 1 - 31.

The starting point will be at the Yellow JesteR main store:
Join the Tainted Hunts group and check the blog at http://huntofthelivingdead.blogspot.com to get all the details as the date gets closer!

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