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Friday, October 22, 2010

RazorBlade Jacket! lovelove

SO yeah, this shop is AMAZING! go check it out, here. Like seriously GO! AND, ive been working on POSES!!! AND WOO i think i wrote this in the past blog.. LOL bbut, im exciteded about it!! ;o I think iwill post the SLURL where the shop is SOON, i just need to put like 4 or 3 more things in there so it dont look so lameee and NOOBY! :c.. BUt vio has been helping meee and i cant thank her enoughhh!! LOVEYOUGIRL. :D i also have MANY freebs for you babiesss! <33

Here are some items from Razorblade Jacket! <3 Thanks Heather + Kehl
Skin: [Esuga] previously blogged.
Hair: Loq
See, Hear, Speak, No Evil + Shirt + Jeans: Razorblade Jacket, here. GOGOOGOGOGOGOGO. <3
Shoes: TokiD, previously blogged
Pose: beemann 

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