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Sunday, October 10, 2010

SECS HQ + freeebs

this is me and Kiera Seda, she owns a blog too! its Monday Mania, im sure you ALL have heard of it, here is the URL [http://mondaymaniasl.blogspot.com/], i am ALSO blogging for her, she' a dollface! If you wnt your items featured here, IM her, or Me. :D
on Me
Hair: Yuna's Hair, group gift. Join !*+YunA'sHAIR+*% and click here.
Jacket+ Socks: Jane, subscribo gift, here.
Pose: Miamai

on Kiera
Skin: Lara, Michelle Smokey-Nude
Shape: Custom
Hair: Magica, Katie--Chocolate
Jacket: Phoenix Rising, Britney London Trench--WHite
Panties: Phoenix Rising, Endeavor--Lavendor
Shoes: Indyra Original, Coquette Noir
Sunglasses: Role Optic, Ophelia II
Gloves: SF Design, Leather Gloves, Black 

Join the subscribo matic, at SECS HQ! The land is amazingg! If you're interested in having a gacha here, IM Epileptic Dreddmor. SECS, LM here.

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