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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

tea hunt

so im totally bored today, and been blogging like a moron, BUT i be making up for what i missed i guess, and AND i probably wont be able to blog anything tomorroowww cause, um.. i dont know yet lol, MY PHONE TOTALY FREAKING DIED ON ME TODAY, like its processor is freaking DONE. DUMDUMUDM, i so blame Vio!!! UGH lolol JK. i get my new droid tomorrow though so it's okay . :P anywayyy, here are SME items from the tea hunt. DUMDUM. 
Hair: Ay.Line
Antlers: duboo
Muffler: Atelier AM
Skirt: !Ohmai, it's really a shirt, but i used the prim as a skirt. ;)
Shirt: TokiD
Leggings: Tee*fy
Legwarmer: Tram
Shoes: loveme

other items;
Skin: Imabee
Shape: beemann, coming soon. :P

ALL items you can look for, here. The prices are ALL 1L, SO totally worth it, there are about 20 something items :P

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