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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

mmm sales salesss

i know im probably TOTALLY late, but Canimal is closing. She's leaving SL! All her items are 50L or LESS for idk how long. (:

Ears: Magic Nook, 50L at TDR, here.
Inner Shirt: Fri.day
Hair: Raw House
Corset + Tutu: Canimal
Skin: Grix.dale
Ballets: SLink
Pose: beemann

skin closeup! i must say, i ADORE this skin. [:


Hair: Lamb, iknow ive been wearing this hair for AWHILE now, but am too lazy to change :P!
Skin: Quicksand, new shop AND shopping center, here.
Pants+Jacket: RunoRuno
Shirt: rbcg, i forgot what event i got this from, i think it was a valentine one. 
Socks: duboo
Shoes: [Luce.]
Pose: Nox.

skin closeup, its flawless!! Thanksss RawrAdored!<3
eyemakeup: beemann

if you want any of the slurls for the rest please let me know, am being WAY lazy :) i just woke up too Hhahaha, well i woke up awhile ago, but the rain has me lazy as hell. :P!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


im being totally lazy and not adding slurlssss <3
Hair; Lamb
Skin: Illusory
Sweater: Emery
Skirt: Vive9
Shoes: Luce, luckyboard prize
Pose: beemann

Friday, November 26, 2010


1. Pick up your meow rewards token hud at meow. Here

2. Check out the sim, walk around, take in the sights. Buy items marked with the meow cat icon all marked down to 75l.

3. What are you looking for? You may notice the icons carry a different color. You must collect 5 colors of coins (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange) received from purchases at meow. Coins are TRANSFERABLE so trade with your friends to complete the HUD!

4. Wear your HUD

5. Rez your coins in a scripted area, click on the coins. Which will fill the slot in your HUD.

6. Visit our kiosk, LM provided with HUD. Here
7. After kiosk loads, select the reward you want by clicking on it.

8. Continue to collect coins in your inventory to receive future updates and more item sets.

Warnings: Don't rez the coins in a non-script area, Don't wear multiple HUDs. Doing so will automatically reset the slots to empty. I.E. you lose your coins this way!


Hair+ Shirt: Part of TDRB, NEW collection, here.
Skirt: Pididdle, 0L, here.
Flats+ pose: beemann

new makeups @ beemann, here.

new new new and freebsss!

i hope veeryone has a great thanksgiving, and ate a shit ton cause, i know i didd MAN LEMME TELL YOU i was SO full i couldnt stand up and my cousin was like unzipping her pantsss cause thats how full she wass it was a awesome nightt.. :D!

Shirt: Khush, NEWNEW !! Thanks Kristy you're a dollfacee AND i hope this makes you smileee when you seee thiss!! :D the shop, here.
Skirt: vive9, part of the With Love hunt!
Socks: Duboo
Gloves: Modd.G, 0L, here.
Flats: beemann w/ the eyeliner, only 45L, here. Check stuff under the tree, there are like 4 other shops!! <3!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

freebiesss + with love hunt

YAHP some awesome freebs!!

Hair: Clawtooth
SkinL Lara Skin 0L, here.
Shirt: Growl
InnerPants: paper.doll, 0L, here.
Short Pants: Emery, group gift, here.
Pose: {SMS}
Piercing: bellballs
Eyes: A.D.D Andel
Flats + EyeMakeup: beemann, here.

all clothes items are part of the with love hunt
flats and eyemakeup:beemann, here


this set is my vintage items for this month! Only, 45, here. It comes, with the eyemakeup, and the flats. There are other shops who have their items out too! [bellballs], nox., dinosaur, ifail, and atooly! Come check it outtt, here. The items are under the xmas tree w/ their ads behind their present box!  hehehhe.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

with love hunt preview 3

antlers, shirt, pants: part of the With Love Hunt, STARTING IN 2 DAYS!!! 
Flats: beemann, out the 27th

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

with love hunt preview 2

Hair: Lamb
Skin: Atomic, gorup gift. 250L to join.. 
Dress + Leggings: Deetalez, part of the With love hunt STARTING IN 3 DAYS!!! 
Slippers: [bellballs] NEW gacha item!! <3!
Pose: Idea Motus, also part of the with love hunt.

Monday, November 22, 2010

with love hunt preview!!

these are a few items in the With Love Hunt!! AM SO EXCITED FOR IT soo many cute, amazing creations!! BUT i have to say my favorite, of them is [P E R A] ! these anters and ears are SOOO adorbale like OMGG i never want to take them off EVER!! <3! 
The hunt starts on the 26th, so get ready!! Each hunt prize, is 10L! SO TOTALLY NOT BAD!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

new beemann location!

am so happy everything is finally done w/ the new land!! i made a pair of flats for the opening.. they are only 23L :D

new location, here.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hair: Lamb
Skin: Atomic
Shirt: C.Smit
Suspenders + Socks: Rezlpsa, here. NEWNEW
Flats + Eyes: A.D.D Andel, here.
Shorts: Doppelganger
Pose: beemann, MOVED.. Still getting everything set up (might try and make it complete by today!) 


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

beemann MOVED!

hii guys! just to let everyone know my shop has moved!! im merging wiith my twin!! <33 SHE IS OPENING A SHAPE SHOP AMAGAWW SO HAPPY AND EXCITED but i will send the SLURL here when we finish getting stuff together! <3 MWAMWA



it includes 2 different styles! w/ variety for different skin tones! GOGOGOOGOG, here.


Hair: Clawtooth
Skin: Mother Goose
Outfit: Just Because, new shop, here. THANKS ANNIE MWAMWA.
Legwarmers: izm, 0L, here.
Flats: Virtual/Insanity, NEWNEW, here.
Pose: beemann

Shirt: BaLac, group gift. Join group and click, here.
Skirt: Zenith Fashion, 0L, here.
Pose: beemann

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hair: Clawtooth, new.
Skin: Mother Goose
Dress: Likka*House, 0L, here.
Pants: CheerNo, 0L, here.
Sheer Shirt: Cynful, subscriber gift, here.
Shoes: Lelutka
Pose: xbordeaux

Lashes: Onyx Wear, NEWNEW. 
Freckles: beemann, NEWNEW.

new at beemann

MWAMWA! here.


Hair + Hat: Diva, previously blogged.
Skin: The Sea Hole, 0L, here.
Bandana; Saiko, previously blogged.
Pants: Khush, NEWNEW, here
Shoes: Freedo.Om, here.
Pose: beemann, NEWNEW, here.


HairPiece: A.M.K.R 0L, here.
Hair: D!va, group gift. 8k members group gift. Join group and click here.
Skin: Sunny Soon Su Skin, lucky board prize, here.
Shirt: Humming, 1L, here.
Skirt: {SMS}, group gift, Join group, and click here.
Leggings: Khush, NEWNEW, only for 50L comes w/ purple too, here. THANKS LIESS MWAMWA YOUSOCUTE.
Shoes: S@BBIA, group gift. Join group and clcik, here.
Pose: xbordeaux

Monday, November 15, 2010

newnew and freebs

i just want to say that PAINTING IS A BITCH!!! c: my whole body hurts like helL!! UGHGHGUGHUgiybdguksffbikbgh, anyways hiii!! <3
Hair: Loq
Eyes: Plastik
Skin: MonS, Neu skin
Tattoo: Oynx Wears, NEW!
Dress: Leverocci, 0L, here.
Jeans: Cool Beans, group gift. Join group and click, here.
Shoes: beemann
Pose: 057, created by riri Bazar. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Clouds: Pink Fuel
Hair: Loq
Bra: [bellballs]
Shirt + Makeup: The Plastik
Shorts: rbcg.
Heels: Lelutka
Pose: dfo!

NEW @ beemann GOGOGOOGOG, here.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Ohiii there buddies!! I JUST WANT TO LIKE SAY THANK YOU FOR VIEWING MY BLOG!!! i have over 10,000 VIEWS LIKE AMAGAWW THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333 you're all the BESTEST PEOPLE EVAR! hahahha. ANYWAYS, here are new releases and stuff! YAY. Though I DONT KNOW WHY YOU PEOPOLE DONT COMMENT ANYTHING LIKE damn.. it feels like no one reads my blog, LOLOL but i guess the views have to speak for something right?? c: mwamwa! <3
Hair: Mikan
Skin: Atomic
BodyTattoo: Onyx Wears, NEWNEWNEW, here.
Flats: beemann 
Pose: xbordeaux

Friday, November 12, 2010

Hair: Loq
Skin: Atomic
Bandana Shirt: Saiko, NEW for woman! 
Dress: Line, NEW
Leggings: Actchio
Heels: Slink
Pose: {SMS} 
Hat: [Luce.], group gift. Join group and click, here
Hair: Trico, group gift. Join group and click here.
NeckPiece: Atomic, part of FTLO HUNT, here.
Jacket: [Luce.], luckyboard prize, LM above.
Skirt: Oyakin, gacha item, here.
Feets: Slink
Pose + Mustache: beemann, here.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


hii, NEW stuff and freebs and stuff you knowww HOWITIS YO! <3
Hat w/ Hair: Iruco, NEW SHOP SO CUTE w/ men hairsss [though i think it can be unisex] GUYS GO CHECK IT OUT, here. JOIN GROUP AND CLICK. <3
Skirt: Fishy Strawberry, available at TDR, here.
Scarf: Zeery's, here.
Leg Tattoo: beemann
Flats: TokiD
Pose: xbordeaux

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


i just want to thank my friend Syance Cisse, owner of [Sys] for sending me these beautiful skins to reviewww YAYAYYAYA THANKS YOUUU <33, though i must admit she sent them to me like a week agoo!! :P ALSO i added a chat box, so you dont have to sign into your gmail and comment the post or whatever cause i know its ANNOYING!!
Hair: Truth
Skin: [SyS]NEWW, here.
Scarf + GLoves: Zeery's, here
Shirt: Decollage, 1L, here.
Jeans: CandyDoll, NEW alsoo, previously blogged.
Shoes: Rachelbreaker
Glasses: Onyx Wear, NEW also, previously blogged.
Pose + Face Rash: beemann
skins closeup, there are other tones and stuff [:
Hair: Raw House, group gift. Join Raw House and check notices.
Skin + Jacket: [M2M], here.
Skirt: Niniko, gacha.. Previously blogged.
Flats + Pose + Facepaint: beemann

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ftlooo!!! WO

Skin and hair and clothes, FTLO hunt. Except the lamb hair on the bottom one. The starting point, here
Poses: beemann

IF THERE IS ANYTHING IN SPECIFIC YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW like an ITEM IM me, please. Or ask me here, i am being lazy and not putting them :D BUT we all know Miasnow skin, and shit SO DONT ASK ME SKIN CAUSEI JUST SAID IT!!! :D ILYGUYS<3

Monday, November 8, 2010


Hair: Raw House, FTLO previously blogged.
Skin: Laq
Jacket + Eyes:Plastik!! NEWNEWNEW, here thanks Aikeaaa agaaain yousosweet! <3 
Pants: Orion, NEWNEWNEW, here thanks Orionn soonice!<3
Shoes: Lelutka
Pose: beemann

FTLO againnn

sooo i met AeonFlux today!! and she's sooo super cute! <3 She blogs and all!,<33 
on Me: 
Hair: RawHouse
Flats: beemann
Poses: beemann

on Aeon:
Hair: Magika - Wild (B&W: Midnight) by (Magika)
Vest: Kyoot - Infinite Ache Vest - Black Suede by (Kyoot)
Piecings: [ < ] kOwP [ > ] Piercings *=* Caution *=* by (<] kOwP [>])
Trousers: ++PE++ Dash Pants Black by (Panda Express) 
Skin: Atomic Abyss by Atomic
Shoes: *League* Shin Boot
Belt: [ATOMIC] Music Belt_Black
Goggles: Engineer Goggles (Black)
Chocker: >>ROOTS<<00A10016(Spine) by Roots
Gloves: *X*plosion CrazyBuisness GlovesLong (black) by *X*plosion

Sunday, November 7, 2010

freebs, cause im fucking BORED.

so im totally going to redo my blog, cause im just THAT bored. It still has pumpkins, and halloween themed i think o,o ANYWAYS here are some freebies.
Hair: Lelutka, subscribo gift, here.
Skin: Frick, 0L, here.
Sweater: + Skirt: M*C, 0L, here.
Pose: beemann
Gun: [~TSH~]. It's SO adorable.


these are SOME items from the FTLO hunt, starting like. TODAY, at 4pm SLT. SO exciting, im in itt AND JUNK SO YAYAYYAYA. Thanks Tesh,! MWAMWA>
Pose: part of AO.

dress: [Penned] part of FTLO
Pose: dfo!

Lash: (Amper) part of FTLO

Hair: Anaphora, group gift. Join Anaphora Update Group and check notices.
Scarf: TokiD, group gift. Join group, and click here.
Shirt: Ribbon, NEW 1L, here.
Skirt: Solita, 0L, buy book, here.
Shoes: SLink
Pose: [Doll.]

new makeup @ ZEERY'S!! GOGOOGOOG< LOVE them <3 , here.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


The Superhero Epilepsy Combat Syndicate is having a benefit on November 6th to mark National Epilepsy Awareness Month.  All proceeds go to the Out of the Shadows program that is a part of the Epilepsy Foundation.

We have live musicians:

 3 pm Eliz Watanabe
 4 pm strum Diesel
 5 pm Tully Citron (DJ)

and an after party!!

We also have vendor space if designers would like to set up at the HQ (lm below) permanently or just for the benefit time period.  Notecards are attached below for information on that or IM me personally if interested.

Thank you and I hope to see you all there!!

Epileptic Dreddmor

come join at 3PM, here.
There are MANY designer tents w/ poses, scarves, clothes, jewelryy!! ALL for Donationnssss <3 COMECOMECOME.

beemann poses;

you can then, here.
ALSO Zeery's, Gato, Octy's, AND Charltina's. ALSO dont forget to subscribe, there are 2 TWOOOOO skirts. <3

rahrh lalalala

im bored and shit, sohere . blablabla

Hair: Clawtooth
Eyeshadow: Zeery's NEWNEWNEW OMGOMG GOGOGOGOOG, here. LOVE them soo great detail.
Headband: DP*Yumyum
Shirt + Shorts: GROWL, here
Armwarmers: Virtual/Insanity
Bra: [BellBalls], NEWNEWNEW! GOGOGOOG, here.
Boots: Kookie
Pose: beemann

eyeshadow preview. hhahha

NEW @ BEEMANN, FACE RASHES!! hahahahaha, gogogoogo, here. <3