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Sunday, November 7, 2010


these are SOME items from the FTLO hunt, starting like. TODAY, at 4pm SLT. SO exciting, im in itt AND JUNK SO YAYAYYAYA. Thanks Tesh,! MWAMWA>
Pose: part of AO.

dress: [Penned] part of FTLO
Pose: dfo!

Lash: (Amper) part of FTLO

Hair: Anaphora, group gift. Join Anaphora Update Group and check notices.
Scarf: TokiD, group gift. Join group, and click here.
Shirt: Ribbon, NEW 1L, here.
Skirt: Solita, 0L, buy book, here.
Shoes: SLink
Pose: [Doll.]

new makeup @ ZEERY'S!! GOGOOGOOG< LOVE them <3 , here.

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