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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

chillin w/ Prue Geniraa, cause we cool.

we were both bored and so we decided to blog soo HERE it iss YAY. if the pictures are pixellated its cause my GRAPHICS IS DYING!!! :cc /me CRIES!!!

on Prue
Hair-Exile-Tina in Twilight
shirt-friday-Vneck.tee in white
facepaint-BY YOU BITZATCH [ <- LOLOLOL ]
skin-glam affair-Eva natural 02

on Me
Hair: Tricco
Skin: Laq
Sweater: Emery
Shirt: Doppleganger
Jeans: Fishy* Strawberry
Ballets: Slink
Facepaint: beemann, NEW!!! 
Glasses: Onyx Wear, NEWW!!!! 

closeup cause, we hot. Well SHE IS!! look at her face,NO ONE CAN TELL ME SHE AINT FIERCE. And then look at me, LOLOL FML.

new @ beemann! GOGOOGOGOGOGOG!!! here.


  1. 2 things.. couldnt find that deer sweater at emery :(
    and the second; whereis that hair from in the beeman pic?!

  2. hiii Tron! the freebies are at the table w/ the other freebies :P If you cant find themm TP me i think they should still be there :c

    the hair is from Trico <33 hehehhe