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Friday, November 26, 2010

new new new and freebsss!

i hope veeryone has a great thanksgiving, and ate a shit ton cause, i know i didd MAN LEMME TELL YOU i was SO full i couldnt stand up and my cousin was like unzipping her pantsss cause thats how full she wass it was a awesome nightt.. :D!

Shirt: Khush, NEWNEW !! Thanks Kristy you're a dollfacee AND i hope this makes you smileee when you seee thiss!! :D the shop, here.
Skirt: vive9, part of the With Love hunt!
Socks: Duboo
Gloves: Modd.G, 0L, here.
Flats: beemann w/ the eyeliner, only 45L, here. Check stuff under the tree, there are like 4 other shops!! <3!

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  1. You look adorable.
    Thanks for blogging us.