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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

new newnewnew!! YES NEW!

sooo hii everyone, whats up?! im bored.. AND SO super excited for all the new stuff i have to SHOW YOU!! like OMGAWWW! I so totally tried to fuck w/ shadows again with my already fucked up graphicssss and my pixellation problemm AND i think im pretty happy how the picture came outtt like im SO excitedd to show it offf YO lik eomgggg..!! ANYWAYS ima shut up.. :D Here is te pictureee DUMDUMDUM!!
Hair: D!va
Skin + Jeans: CandyDoll, NEWNENEW!! , here. Jeans non neww BUT DAMN NICE.
Headband: Duboo, part of the Tea Hunt.
Facepaint: beemann, NEWNENEW!! ,here.
Shirt: Hyper Culture, NEW!
Jacket: Orion, NEW!! love these jacketss SO cute, here. 75 L eachhh!! <33 
Socks: TokiD
Shoes: Kookie
Pose: [Doll.] 

the new Skin by CandyDoll called Barbie!! SO AMAZING lovee them! <33 These are the makeupss, and it AND it comes w/ hairbase, lipgloss, eyeliner! SOO sweett!! like really. 

AND i sooo have to change the template for the bloggg lolol it's still on halloween HMM :)

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