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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hair: [69] group gift. Join and click the gift bags, here. 300L group fee join. THERE ARE 4 HAIRSTYLESS LIKE WTF!! ALL FATPACKS.
Skin: LAQ, thanks Twinn!! MWAMWAMWA! <333 
Dress: HC Black lace collection, NEW. SO LOVELY, loveee it, get it here.
Jeans: RazorBlade Jacket! LOVE this shop, here!! 
Boots: Kookie
Pose: beemann
Armwarmers: Virtual/Insanity
Glasses: Maknie, group gift. Join ::..MAKNIE..::, and check notices.

SERIOUSLY I DONT KNOW WHY I PUT I LOVE WITH SOME SHOPSSS LIKE WTF, all of the shops i blog about are amazing.
AND i was invited to blog on Tesh's and Gavin's BLOG SLEXY!!! SO AWESUM!, check it out, here.

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  1. alot of new greatness going around today /me screams like a little girl xO!!!