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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MOVED. http://slnerd.tumblr.com/

my blog, has moved to tumblr, http://slnerd.tumblr.com/. I'm REALLY sad to let this blog go, but its something that has to be done. The NEW url is http://slnerd.tumblr.com/ please refollow me on there, and if im missing a blogger buddy please IM me inworld and let me know.

See you in tumblr! <3 http://slnerd.tumblr.com/http://slnerd.tumblr.com/http://slnerd.tumblr.com/

Hair: Loq
Skin: Laq
Purple Bodysuit: Hyper Culture, currently having a 50% off Closing Sale! :'(
Skirt: Khush
Boots: Plastik, NEW
Facepaint: beemann @ new location
Tattoo : Le Mode Inc
Umbrella: Rotten Toe
Hat: Solidea Folies

SLURLS will come up when im not, half asleep! :) 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hair: Analog Dog, 0L, here.
Scarf: Zeery's, sneakk peak! NEW LOCATION here.
Jacket: Orion, subscribo gift, here.
BookBag: Modd.G, 0L, here.
Leggings: *ninia* 0L, here.
Boots: House of Fox, subscribo gift, here.
Pose: Props and Pose Fair Teaser!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hair: Truth, subscribo gift, here! There is also a male one! 
Skin: My Ugly Dorothy, luckyboard gifty. Thanks Ponyo!! <3
Outfit: Emery, group gift, here.
Flats: beemann, part of the ADNY hunt! :)
Food: Slow Kitchen, group gift, here.
Pose: from AO.

Friday, December 24, 2010

happy holidays darling mwa.

i didnt edit this picture, cause i dont have the time to like do the simple shit, CAUSE im cooking !!! :), but i hope you guys enjoy the freebiess hehehehhehe, i came online to pick them up and show you! :)
Hair: Exile, subscribo gifty.
Sweater + Leggings: Rebel, here.
Dress: Pididdle, 0L, here
Shoes: Slink
Skin: Laq, subscribo gift.
Pose: props and pose fair 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hair: Maitreya
Skin: Laq, subscribo gift! Comes w/ ALL tones.
Neck Collar + Leggings: Gifts under Wasabi Tree
Shirt: *BOOM* 0L at Existence location
Skirt: Humming, 1L
Shoes: *YS&YS*, also a gift.
Pose: Props and Pose Fair teaser..


bee and zee

more info on the rentals we have open! <3

ℬeeman &  { ɀeery } ℭolor ℭouture    

(✦) Basic Rental
Shop Space:-------➩ 11 X 10  
Prims:--------------➩ 50 (max 100)
Cost:---------------➩ $125L Per  week

(♛) Royal Rental
Shop Space:-------➩ 11 X 10  
Prims:--------------➩ 50 (max 100)
Cost:---------------➩ $155L per week

& Includes the Ability to ...

•Have your own Parcel Address (Ability to show store in search) 
•Put your own parcel shop description 
•Have your own image for your parcel
•Put your own music in your Parcel

contact Blur Mannequin or Zeerya Pyrithea
check it out, here.


Hair: Kik, gift, here. subscribo gift
Dress: Fore, group gift. Join group and click, here.
BOTH Leggings: The Secret Store, 0L, here.
Shoes: Kue, subscribo gift, here.
Bag: Pelletteria Morrisey, 0L, here. BUY THE GLOBE. There is a male version included.
Pose: Props and Pose Fair teaser


Hair: Maitreya, subscribo gift, here.
Skin: Mother Goose, luckyboard skin, here. thanks Epi. 
Scarf + Inner Shirt: Berries Inc.
Outer Shirt: Deetalez
Leggings: beemann, group + subscribo gift, here. NEW location! Please excuse the random stuff or whatever, im working on redoing ads ;) BUT there is a new luckyboard the parcel is amazing, we have 2 rental spots available if you're interested! :)
Shoes: *Coco*, group gift. Join group and click, here.
Pose: Props and Pose Fair Teaser.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

more freebs

cause im bored <3 AND i redid my logo guys! IM SUPER excited about it like amagaw! <3

Hair: D!Va, xmas gift. Join group and click here.
Glasses: Needful Things, part of the Whiz hunt, here.
Skin: Imabee
Bra + Panties: Luck Inc, 0L, here.
Dress: Peqe, subscribo december gift, here.
Shoes: Ingenue 0L, here.
Pose: Props and Pose Fair Teaser :)


im totally, BORED out of my mind. Like, you guys have NO idea! I'm currently downloading the updated version of phoenix, cause.. everyone on my friendlist is offline?! And, i know that's kindof IMPOSSIBLE! :P! I went around and found some cute shit to show you guys, TOTALLY free and some, NEW stuff :), And Christmas is just like 2 days away right? or 3? BLAHHHH!OHFoi;fhxdoglin.

Hair: Loq, HAVING a SALE, till the 27th, 50% off! Here.
Skin: Piddidle, NEW, here!! I'm soo super excited about this! Pididdle has a NEW team member, Noctea yay! :)
Shirt: Deviant Girls, group gift, Join *deviant girls* group and check notices.
Jacket: Peqe, part of the Happy Holidays Hunt, here!
Gold Leggings: League, subscribo gift, here.
Red Leggings: This is a Fawn, 0L, here.
Shoes: 2G, 0L, here. There soo adorable, for BOTH male and female AND different colors <3
Umbrella: Rabbit Kiss, group gift, join group and click here.
Milk Cart thing: D-Lab, group gift! There is like a mini hunt thing, in that area of the shop, for GROUP members, start, here.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

rawhouse Sydney

i CHANGED my blog! <3 and NEWNESS :P
Hair: Raw House, NEWNEWNEW, here. Thankss Jay :)!
Jacket: Deetalez
Inner Shirt: Doppleganger
Pants: rbcg.
Socks: Pig
Shoes: duboo
Pose: Del May, PREVIEWW of the Props and Pose fair! <3 Thanks Del 

Monday, December 20, 2010


Pose: beemann, will be a freebie @ the Props and Pose Fair <3
Hair: Argrace, group gift, here.
Poncho: Who? 1L, here.
Lips Tattoo: Cheap Makeup, gifty, here.
Dress: Liriope, 0L, here.
Socks: izm, 1L, here.
Shoes: V Style, 0L, on the MARKETPLACE, here.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

freebies + project themory

Hair: Lamb
Skin: Atomic
Shirt: Piddidle, part of project themeory, here.
Skirt: Honey*Soul, group gift, here.
Shoes: Peqe
Bags: Croire
Pose: Teaser from Props and Pose Fair! <3

Friday, December 17, 2010

freebs + props and pose fair

some freebs, AND.. ALL THE POSES IM GOING TO USING TILL JANUARY, are PREVIEWS from the Props and Pose Fair, starting in January!

HairPiece: Deviant Girls, group gift, here.
Hair: Join, *hair shop nodoka GROUP* and check notices.
Scarf: Tram, group gift, here.
Dress: Zenith Styles, group gift, here.
Mittens: Sweetest Goodbye, group gift, here.
Shoes: [Luce.]

Dress: Lo* Momo, group gift, here.
Mouth thing: TicketMe, 0L, here.
Necklace: Part of Zenith gift.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


SO, i totally have been slacking on the blog............... UGH, i've been moving and rearranging and stuff w/ my shop cause it has MOVED again!!! Im sharing a parcel w/ Zeery's, AMAZING shit there. But, yeah.. thats my excuse. i've also been kindof disappointed i think, w/ making new stuff for my shop, because of some RETARDED ass shit.. thats like, just WOW but, i dont want to give that situation more attention than what it really is.. SO, thats another downer.. Im also participating in the Props and Pose Fair, opening in Januray. I -did- complete my poses yesterday, i will have to do the ad, and my tent, lololol. SO now to making new stuff.. :) ANYWAYS new stuff to show,
Hair: DP* Yumyum
Skin: Atomic
EyeMakeup: beemann, NEW location, soon.. IM WORKING ON UPLOADING STUFF ON MARKETPLACE AGAIN, and let me tell you guys.. It's annoying. :x! 
Jacket: Orion, NEW. Thankss Orion![:
Skirt + Leggings: Khush, NEW. Thanks girls!!! I lovee the items <3
Shoes: Peqe, NEW. Thanksss Inex! <3
Pose: hate me eat me, props and pose fair PREVIEW.

ALSO, if you're interested in renting a small shop, 50 Prims.. or whatever PLEASE contact me OR Zeerya Pyrithea. The parcel is GORGEOUS, i will post some pictures later :).. 

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

christmas @ rue!

Hat, Scarf, Boots, Cup, Pose: ALL available for FREE at Rue, here.
Dress: Fishy Strawberry, 0L, here.


so i think im kindof bored, w/ SL right now. I have so  much stuff made for the shop but been SUPER lazy to make gachas, and or make ads :(! Maybeee its cause i hate xmas, and it makes me all emo and shit, BUT idk UGH FML! It snowed today in NJ and i was like OMG YES!! i love snowwww <3 BUT anyways, to the free stuff! <3

Hair: Ay.line, christmas hunt prize, 0L, here.
Skin: Mother Goose, group gift. Join group, OR search Milok Hermit and join there, check notices.
Shirt: Ibizarre, part of the snowflake experience, 0L, here.
Dress: GS* Xmas Dress 1L, here.
Skirt: Somma, group gift. Join group OR search Sanura Snowpaw and check notices.
Toe Socks: Concrete Flowers, part of CH hunt, here.
Bag: Berries Inc, part of the snowflake experience hunt, LM above.

Skin closeup! 
FaceRASH: beemann, here.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Hair: Bliss Couture
Shape: !Laia by Lolli Onyett, thankss girl! MWA <3
Skin + Clothes: Plastik
Pose + Bags: Croire Thankss Emilyyy MWA! <3
Shoes: beemann, not released yet
Clouds: Pink Fuel

shape closeup! <3 such a unique shapei loveee her faceeeee <3

Monday, December 6, 2010

new + hunts + stufff BUSYBUSY

AND, im working on GACHAS!! :D!

Bow + Candycane stab things: Razorblade Jacket
Hair: Exile, subscribo gift, here.
Scarf+ Shirt+ Leggings: Onyx Wears, NEWNEW
Skirt: S@bbia, group gift. Join and click here.
Eye Makeup + Shoes + Pose: beemann

Happy Holidays Hunt PREVIEW


Sunday, December 5, 2010

khush NEW

Hair: Lamb
Skin: Plastik
Shoes: beemann, not released.
Pose: Automne

zombie popcorn + octy's

so me and my boyfriend started the zombiepopcorn hunt, WE stopped at Mudhoney, and HE TOLD ME HE WOULD WAIT FOR ME TO FINISH, BUT NOOOO his assholeness didnt. He finished it, and i dragged him / me to show me where the other popcorns where :P! Anyways these are SOME of the prizes.
Hair: Raw House, group gift. Join group and check notices. Thanks Jay!
His Hair: Iruco, new release.
Everything else from pants to shirt to undershirt, and bag, part of Zombie Popcorn
Pose: Twee
ZombiePopcorn, starting point, here. GOODLUCK!

ALSO,Octy's is closing. 15L sale, here. SO SAD TO SEE IT GO DIRTY COP, mwa! :(!

Glasses + Bag+ Mittens + Cheese: Octy's 15L PER item. :)! Here

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

mmm plastik plastik christmasss NOMNOM

on Zee;
Hair: fri.-Dylan - Jaded Blonde
Skin: Grix. Serendipity - Tegan - Cinn.
Shape: Cherry B. 
Makeup Tatoo: {Z} Colors [] Eyeshadow Basics [] Ginko
Outfit: Malt Fashions - Merry Xmas Gift 09
Shoes: COCO Christmas Gift Boots Red
Stockings: Zeerys Hex Stockings [] # 21421E (Myrtle Green) 
(iTuTu) Garden Shovel

on Me;
Hair: Lamb
Everything Else? Plastik. NEW christmas items INCLUDING skin, eyes, EARS, shoes!! <33 OMGi lovethem EVERYTHING IS SO AMAZING thankyou Aikeaaa! You can get ALL the items AND more, here.
Poses: beemann


i also made my profile thing bigger, so i can post BIGGER PICTURES AYAYAYAYAY. :)!

freebs and NEW

Hair: Trico, christmas group gift. Join group and click, here.
Scarf: beemann, for Island of Misfit Toys, here. IT OFFICIALLY STARTS TOMORROW! :P!
Sweater: Latte, group gift. Join group and click, here.
Pants: ((:Bleh:)), 0L, here. TIP HER JARS all free items and pretty and cutee for BOTH male and female.
Boots: Orion, NEWNEW, here. THANK YOU ORION! 

Eyes: Poetic Eyes, christmas freebie, here.
Eyemakeup: beemann

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

virtlantis vintage

all these beautiful items are on sale @ Virlantis, here.

candydoll NEW

Outfit + Boots: CandyDoll, NEWNEWNEWNEWWW, here. Gracias Rebecaaa mwa!
Pose: beemann
Hair: Clawtooth, WHHICH IS ALSO HAVING A SALE. 50% off hairs.


Hat+ Skirt: Slow Kitchen, 0L, here.
Shirt: Loveme, 0L, here.
Boots: Sweetest Goodbye, Zombie Popcorn prize, here.
Hair: Raw House, AVDC hunt prize, here. <- THE NEW LOCATION.
Pose: [LAP], part of the With Love hunt, here.