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Thursday, December 16, 2010


SO, i totally have been slacking on the blog............... UGH, i've been moving and rearranging and stuff w/ my shop cause it has MOVED again!!! Im sharing a parcel w/ Zeery's, AMAZING shit there. But, yeah.. thats my excuse. i've also been kindof disappointed i think, w/ making new stuff for my shop, because of some RETARDED ass shit.. thats like, just WOW but, i dont want to give that situation more attention than what it really is.. SO, thats another downer.. Im also participating in the Props and Pose Fair, opening in Januray. I -did- complete my poses yesterday, i will have to do the ad, and my tent, lololol. SO now to making new stuff.. :) ANYWAYS new stuff to show,
Hair: DP* Yumyum
Skin: Atomic
EyeMakeup: beemann, NEW location, soon.. IM WORKING ON UPLOADING STUFF ON MARKETPLACE AGAIN, and let me tell you guys.. It's annoying. :x! 
Jacket: Orion, NEW. Thankss Orion![:
Skirt + Leggings: Khush, NEW. Thanks girls!!! I lovee the items <3
Shoes: Peqe, NEW. Thanksss Inex! <3
Pose: hate me eat me, props and pose fair PREVIEW.

ALSO, if you're interested in renting a small shop, 50 Prims.. or whatever PLEASE contact me OR Zeerya Pyrithea. The parcel is GORGEOUS, i will post some pictures later :).. 

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  1. i will post the slurls later, WHEN im not like half awake ;)