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Friday, December 10, 2010


so i think im kindof bored, w/ SL right now. I have so  much stuff made for the shop but been SUPER lazy to make gachas, and or make ads :(! Maybeee its cause i hate xmas, and it makes me all emo and shit, BUT idk UGH FML! It snowed today in NJ and i was like OMG YES!! i love snowwww <3 BUT anyways, to the free stuff! <3

Hair: Ay.line, christmas hunt prize, 0L, here.
Skin: Mother Goose, group gift. Join group, OR search Milok Hermit and join there, check notices.
Shirt: Ibizarre, part of the snowflake experience, 0L, here.
Dress: GS* Xmas Dress 1L, here.
Skirt: Somma, group gift. Join group OR search Sanura Snowpaw and check notices.
Toe Socks: Concrete Flowers, part of CH hunt, here.
Bag: Berries Inc, part of the snowflake experience hunt, LM above.

Skin closeup! 
FaceRASH: beemann, here.

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