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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


im totally, BORED out of my mind. Like, you guys have NO idea! I'm currently downloading the updated version of phoenix, cause.. everyone on my friendlist is offline?! And, i know that's kindof IMPOSSIBLE! :P! I went around and found some cute shit to show you guys, TOTALLY free and some, NEW stuff :), And Christmas is just like 2 days away right? or 3? BLAHHHH!OHFoi;fhxdoglin.

Hair: Loq, HAVING a SALE, till the 27th, 50% off! Here.
Skin: Piddidle, NEW, here!! I'm soo super excited about this! Pididdle has a NEW team member, Noctea yay! :)
Shirt: Deviant Girls, group gift, Join *deviant girls* group and check notices.
Jacket: Peqe, part of the Happy Holidays Hunt, here!
Gold Leggings: League, subscribo gift, here.
Red Leggings: This is a Fawn, 0L, here.
Shoes: 2G, 0L, here. There soo adorable, for BOTH male and female AND different colors <3
Umbrella: Rabbit Kiss, group gift, join group and click here.
Milk Cart thing: D-Lab, group gift! There is like a mini hunt thing, in that area of the shop, for GROUP members, start, here.


  1. Hi Blur,

    How are you? Nice blog!

    I was unable to find the go-cart (Milk Cart Thing) as a group gift at D-Lab. I found the go-cart on the street in front of BooBoo Milk and found the spot where the go-cart display is tho. Can you help out?

    Thank you,

    Leonie Szczepanski

  2. sure Leonie! Contact me inworld <3 ill show you :)