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Sunday, December 5, 2010

zombie popcorn + octy's

so me and my boyfriend started the zombiepopcorn hunt, WE stopped at Mudhoney, and HE TOLD ME HE WOULD WAIT FOR ME TO FINISH, BUT NOOOO his assholeness didnt. He finished it, and i dragged him / me to show me where the other popcorns where :P! Anyways these are SOME of the prizes.
Hair: Raw House, group gift. Join group and check notices. Thanks Jay!
His Hair: Iruco, new release.
Everything else from pants to shirt to undershirt, and bag, part of Zombie Popcorn
Pose: Twee
ZombiePopcorn, starting point, here. GOODLUCK!

ALSO,Octy's is closing. 15L sale, here. SO SAD TO SEE IT GO DIRTY COP, mwa! :(!

Glasses + Bag+ Mittens + Cheese: Octy's 15L PER item. :)! Here

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