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hi, :D

about slNerd

my Blog is NOT only a freebie blog, but also a fashion blog. I might blog mostly about freebs, but i also blog w/ other non free items, so don't be afraid to drop me some review copies.. :P

i started this blog with my new account, BECAUSE my old account was taken from me by my rl father, cause it had my rl last name. I KNOW NOT A SMART MOVE, but i had her for like a yr! i wanted to start fresh too, her inventory was a MESS, freaking 60k items, unorganizedd and i know for a FACT that i wouldnt be able to give it the amount of time that issue needed to be fixed. hahahha, SO i made a new one. i will not give further past history of my other accounts.

i have been on SL since 05. So, NOT A NOOB, though i ADORE noobs though, that are SO super cute. I love to help them around and stuff. w/ that liking i can totally tell a noob from a person who just made a new account to pass as a noob to take advantage of people. SO, PWNED bruh. lolol

idont know what else to say, i can literally type random shit for hours, SO  if you have anything in specific you would like to know or something, IM me inworld. i will NOT tell you my past alts SO, please do not ask me babyyy. ;)