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hi, :D

Mine, contact info.

Name: Blur Mannequin

  • if you have any questions dont hestitate to contact me inworld and/or leave me a offliner. My IMS NEVER CAP, ikrr. 
  • dont be shy, i am really social, but PLEASE do NOT ask me for MONEY, and or anything thats not free, that i have blogged. I am poorer than you. ;)
  • do NOT take my kindness for weakness. 
  • and GOGO power rangerss!!. 

Email: ohOddity@hotmail.com
  • only contact me on there IF its a EMERGENCY or something like a REALLY BIG BIG one, like if i didnt blog a piece that you HAVE TO HAVE NOW.. lolol , all my offliners forward to this email., SO if you leave me a offliner, it will forward to there, AND if i will respond if i have the window open.
  • IF you message me, leave me your name and stuff. you knowww, yadda yaddaa. 
  • this IS my real life email, SO do NOT spam me. I know, im nuts for giving it out. But, i cant keep up another email address. I dont even check my yahoo, that i use for flickr. hahahaha
  • um, and GOGO powerr rangerss. !
  • my response time is about a HOUR or so, cause you knowwww.. RL and shit. SO don't think im ignoring you, or dont want to respond, or im keeping shit a secret. REMEMBER, i bloggg and put the creditss on theree, when im not lazy! :P