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i appreciate and adore, ANYTHING ANYONE sends me. It feels great that designerss would like to see their stuff blogged thru my blog and stuff. i will always almost blog ANYTHING anyone asks or sends. Just, be aware.. That i also own a shop and am always trying to create new stuff, and stuff. I dooo have a rl and a sl, sooo if you send me something and its not blogged yet, after 2 days or so.. It's in the worksss. 

IF you do send me something, PLEASEPLEASPLEASEEE, leave me a NC about the item and stuff SO i can KNOW what to tell people about it. And, not leave me guessingggg... ;)
My blog averages about 270 views daily some days moreee, I AM SO SUPER HAPPY about that, so, you'll be sure the item will be read, someway or another. My blog is also, synced with like 7 feeds, and or MORE! 

thanks for reading! 
If you have any questions IM me inworld, the contact info is on one of the other tabs. :P